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What To Do With The 198?

I’m guilty of it as much as the next person. The way it turns and then climbs, and even though the speed limit was 50 miles an hour, that seemed more like a suggested starting speed and not the limit. What I am speaking of is treating the 198 as a mini version of the […]

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Buffalo Has That “Can Do Attititude”!

In just under three years the Queen City has seen a rejuvenation of somewhat amazing proportions, and not just the brick and mortar kind. Yes it seems that a new development is popping up almost every other day, the city landscape is changing at an almost comical speed (if you compare this to the last […]

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For Whom The Shovel Falls – Buffalo Snowmaggedon Day 3 & Final Day Before The Flood!

South Buffalo:  I’m beginning to feel like Bill Murray, which, in most instances, would be particularly awesome – I don’t think anyone would argue that that dude rules. In this instance, though, it is decidedly not good. I apologize for the redundancy of today’s update – I know you’ve read this before. I know, because […]

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The Sun Finally Rises! – Buffalo Snowmageddon Day 2

South Buffalo: 4:30 pm, November 18th 2014. After four hours of shoveling, the driveway is clear. All feelings of accomplishment are vacated as I turn and realize that everything I’ve just shoveled has been filled in with six more inches of snow. The mini-van I’ve dug out will never make the swing into the driveway. […]

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Tale of 10 Miles! – Buffalo Snowmaggedon Day 1

South Buffalo:  My alarm rang at 5:05, and I jumped out of bed. I had left myself just enough time to gather some semblance of a lunch, brush off the mini-van, and head into Tonawanda for my 6 o’clock shift. I went to the window to use my remote start, and stared in horror. Covered. […]

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Be a Good Neighbor

By Charles Fashana  A letter to our neighbors: Within the past month our beautiful corner of the city was ravished by two devastating fires – one on Lovering Ave and the other on Saranac Ave. Today, a drive by either of these houses will leave you in tears. Putting a moment of thought into “what would I do if this […]

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