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Buffalo Bills Week 7: The Attack of EJ

There was a game checked off on my calendar as a win. A perennial failure like the Bills with a mediocre quarterback and offense. A place where our former head coach and offensive coordinator are nothing more than assistants. Yes, I’m talking about Sunday’s Bills vs Jaguars game. Many Bills fans are focused on the […]

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Buffalo Bills Week 5: A Narrow Escape in Nashville

The instructions seem to be out on how to beat the Buffalo Bills. Even rookie QBs are getting the ball out too fast for a pass rush, forcing the Bills corners and coverage personnel to play near perfect games in order to win. The offense has been limited by the lack of running game as […]

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Buffalo Bills Week 4: Giant Failure

A week after a very definitive win over the Miami Dolphins, the Bills drop a very winnable game against the Giants. For the second time in four games, the Bills consistently beat themselves with untimely and often stupid penalties. The offense looked anemic and more reflective of the Bills of old then the offense we’ve […]

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Feeling Great Like ’88?

  OK Bills fans, it’s here! The 2015 NFL Schedule was released a few days ago. Preseason kicks off at home at the Ralph on Friday, August 14th at 7:00pm against the Carolina Panthers. The following week we’re just down the road as we play Cleveland at the dog pound. Week three brings us back […]

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Everyone Calm Down…….. Tanking Is Nothing New To Buffalo!

The year was 1968; the Bills were the worst team in football after winning back to back AFL championships in 1964 and 1965 and losing to the Chiefs in the 1966 championship game. The league was going through a transition as the AFL and NFL agreed to merge in 1966. The merger wouldn’t be officially […]

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#BuffaloDad – Wanted: Changing Stations For Every Man, Woman and Child!

I read a story earlier this week about a dad who’s a little fed up with the lack of child changing stations in men’s rooms. This is something I often complain about as well. There’s nothing worse than when, in the middle of winter, you’re out with your child, and its diaper change time. You […]

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