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The Best Burger in Buffalo

When I was younger, I used to lift weights. Now I lift cheeseburgers. I went from lifting fifty-pound dumbbells to lifting Quarter Pounders. I put down the barbells and picked up the barbeque sauce. I quit the treadmill and became a regular at my local gin mill. Shoot, I just realized the last one doesn’t […]

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Two Polish Princesses!

It can be tough to follow your heart sometimes. Usually your head or — more importantly — your finances get in the way. The thing is, your heart can sometimes be so much more important than your head! Dana Szczepaniak and Kate Hey know a lot about that. They’re the duo behind one of Buffalo’s […]

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Going Whole Hog for The Whole Hog: A Food Truck That’s More Than Pork!

I’m going to say two words that will change your eating world for the better: Whole Hog. If you don’t know what The Whole Hog isright now, don’t worry; you will, and your taste buds will thank you — probably even love you! On Tuesday afternoon I had the pleasure of heading downtown to Larkin […]

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Blue Balls Bus – Zina Lapi, Tells You Why She Went KickStarter, & Her Balls Are So Good!

I had a chance to sit down with Zina Lapi of the Blue Balls Food Truck. She is running the first KickStarter campaign in Western New York to get a Food Truck going. As of this writing she has seven days and over fifteen thousand dollars to help raise the money to get this project […]

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Polish Pride for A Food Truck Virgin!

It is safe to say that the initial buzz over food trucks has long since passed. The majority of us here in Western New York have had at least one taste of these mobile meals on wheels. However, there are still some food truck novices out there (this picky eating writer included), who have not […]

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These Two Guys Are Changing Food Trucks & How We Find Them! Meet the duo behind Trucktor Beam

This past week, I had the opportunity to sit down with two of the coolest guys in Buffalo! They are changing the way we look for and interact with Food Trucks not only here in Western New York, but across the nation. The Food Truck phenomenon has swept over major metropolitan cities such as Norfolk, […]

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