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Buffalo Has That “Can Do Attititude”!

In just under three years the Queen City has seen a rejuvenation of somewhat amazing proportions, and not just the brick and mortar kind. Yes it seems that a new development is popping up almost every other day, the city landscape is changing at an almost comical speed (if you compare this to the last […]

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Lancaster Still Divided, But For No Good Reason……

Definition of Redskin in English: noun – dated or offensive An American Indian. It is seemingly ridiculous that we can live in the 21st Century and still have to deal with racist nicknames that have existed for hundreds of years. The fight over Lancaster changing its school nickname has been long overdue — and needed. I would point out […]

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The Buffalo Board of Education – Worse than Reality TV

What in the name of Puck, Snooki, Omirosa, Pedro, or whomever, is going on with the Buffalo Board of Education? Like an out of control version of The Real World meets The Apprentice. They consistently bicker back and forth, as if trapped on and island with little to no food! I guess we should be […]

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A Call For Action: Retired Players’ Safety

“They’re just whiny, overpaid babies.” “They get paid millions to play a game.” Insert over-repeated standard sportstalk hot take, delivered in the type of Midwestern diction made famous by Chris Farley and company as they hailed Coach Ditka and his crew. In the wake of what is being reported as a suicide committed by Steve […]

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Will There Be Civil Justice for Alix Rice?

It’s been almost four years since Dr. Corasanti struck and killed teenager Alix Rice as she longboarded home on Heim Rd. in early July of 2011. What happened after is considered by many to be a travesty of justice. It has always seemed that Dr. Corasanti was afforded much more leeway than someone of lesser means […]

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Commentary on Jeff Basil…..

Yesterday’s news that Jeffrey Basil had been found guilty of 2nd degree murder and evidence tampering charges left many in Buffalo feeling that justice had been served. If you don’t know to what I’m referring, then let me give you a little background: Earlier this past year, after an argument between Basil and Airman William […]

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