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Who’s Your Favorite Cereal Mascot?

A conversation earlier on Twitter got me thinking about all the childhood memories I had about seeing the mascots pushing their sugary cereals to me as a child. Seeing as though we’re the capital of Cheerios and Lucky Charm smell, when the wind is just right, we think that Buffalo should probably know best. Let […]

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Week 2 FFB Recap: Better Late than Never

The title to this post is appropriate for 2 reasons, 1) I slacked on doing this post until late this week 2) I need my team to start winning. So far, both weeks have left me with hope going into Monday night and both weeks have finished with disappointment. Honestly, I didn’t pay much attention […]

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#ALSIceBucketChallenge Accepted & More! Wanna Win A Cool T-Shirt?

It started when one of our Co-Founder’s, Craig Wheeler, got challenged by someone with a video of himself getting dumped on with a truckload of water and ice. It was pretty impressive, and Craig responded by challenging me. Even though I have found this a little overwhelming at times, in the spirit of being a […]

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Polish Happy Hour! What took so long Buffalo!

Buffalo Polish Happy Hour, what took so long for me to discover this! After meeting a nice young woman from another networking event, she introduced me to the monthly Polish Happy Hour Buffalo. As someone with a very distinctly Polish name, I thought it would be great way to meet new people and maybe learn […]

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You think you’re busy, check out Del Reid and 26 shirts!

So you’re asking what’s going in Buffalo? Well, we have to say that Del Reid is what’s going on in Buffalo! Founder of 26 Shirts(@26Shirts, ), member of the Bills Fan Alliance Advisory board, and what we didn’t know (as being newer to the Twitter world), one of the original tweeters behind #BillsMafia(@TheBillsMafia). And […]

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