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Why Historic Polonia Still Needs to Be Celebrated

Earlier this week we shared a post on social media about the aspect of Dyngus Day celebrations that no one seems to want to talk about, and it seemed to have rubbed more than a few people — including this writer, at times — the wrong way. Still, written over a year ago by Christine Slocum, […]

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Creating Art While Exploring the History and Architecture of Buffalo

Move over, Leonardo! The next great master may just be among us. Well, probably not. But that isn’t the point of a new series of art courses being taught by local artist and historian Dana Saylor. “Art in the World,” her name for the classes, comes from the idea of a “strong sense of place.” […]

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Coming Back Strong

Clint Malarchuk was out on his ranch in Nevada drinking and shooting at cans on a fence. The same thoughts cycled on repeat in his head with no mute button–no escape. Then, at the climax of a building fugue, he put the barrel of his gun up under his chin and pulled the trigger, putting […]

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Some Pensive Perspectives in a Six-pack Squabble

  The six-pack silos — and their recent makeover — have people across the region talking, and the viewpoints vary widely. For some it is playful art; for others it is the very opposite: vulgar commercialism and a defacement of one of several world-renowned, historic structures. Beyond the age-old question: “is this art?” however, is […]

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