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Hey Buffalo, Let’s Make “Pegula Day” Really Happen!

  We’ve all heard the great news at this point: Terry Pegula is buying the Bills! Which makes Uncle Terry a Buffalo hero. Not only did he slay the formidable Trump Dragon, but he chased those silly Rogers folks out of our town with their tails between their legs. Okay, so maybe the bidding process […]

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175 Years of Magic at The Erie County Fair

I’ve had a long love-affair with the Erie County Fair since I was just a kid running through the Fun Houses. I even loved it when I was a teenager selling lemonade from inside a giant plastic lemon while battling swarms of bees. It remains one of my favorite area events of the year even […]

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The Best Wings in Buffalo: Here’s the Truth

There is an age-old question that many tourists show up in our beloved Queen City and inevitably ask: who has the best wings in Buffalo? Well, I don’t think they realize the gravity of that question to a Buffalonian. They are asking us to pick who best represents the most recognizable symbol of our Nickel […]

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Buffalo Girl Gets Lucky… with Tickets to Artpark!

Buffalo Girl got lucky! No, not that kind… Twitter Lucky! Last week I won tickets to see Sara Bareilles’ Little Black Dress Tour at Artpark. And I even got to bring three of my ladies with me. So how? Well, I follow Niagara Falls USA on Twitter! They are the official visitor information center for […]

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Fourth of July: A Buffalo Weekend Full of Fesivities

238 years ago we wrote a snotty letter to King George explaining that we were all done with his crap. We told that sonofgun we were running things over here now, and we’d be drinking all the damn tea that we wanted while we did it. Which is why Independence Day weekend is now about […]

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Fathers Day 2014: Exploring the Naval Park by Buffalo Girl!

   On Memorial, I had made a quick trip through the Naval Park, but never explored the ships. So this year, when Father’s Day rolled around, I knew exactly where we should take Dad. I called my sister to see if she liked the idea, and she thought what I thought – it was a no-brainer. He’ll […]

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