Kickstart Rumble’s Raucous First Release

These are dark times for America. Everything that we once held true is now seemingly under attack from one direction or another – or sometimes all of them at once. There are a few things that Americans still hold dear. Apple pie and baseball may no longer hold sway over the amber waves of grain, but from sea to shining sea, Rock ‘n’ Roll remains as iconic as the bald eagle.


In the decades since it was first conceived from blues and western swing, The roots of the genre sprouted a nearly endless spread of branches, but few of them have been as special and none of them have been as strong as the original. There are some places where the original rock rhythms still hold court over all others – Memphis, for instance. Few outside of the region would really know that Buffalo is another one of these places. Somewhere beneath the neon buzz of a Budweiser sign, through the cacophony of slumped, exhausted men exchanging dirty jokes and war stories, lies the original backbeat. The high-strung twang. The roll of the snare and the hiss of the high hat. And, of course, like the wail of a steam engine, above it all the familiar call of “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell…”

Kickstart Rumble formed in 2009, and though the lineup has changed several times, the original idea has remained the same – to fill every dive bar, patio, beachfront, mainstage and sideshow with the raucous sounds of the past. KsR’s marathon shows are filled with hours of the favorites of yesteryear, but in the six years since their inception, the band has been working on a steady set of original music as well. Just in time for the holidays, Kickstart Rumble released their self-titled full length album, and it’s perfectly blended to get you out of your seat and onto the dance floor.

The album is bookended by two songs of longing – the first track, Austin, recalls a imagelonging for the one place that is home, and the final track, Gallows Pole, is a longing for…a different kind of home – the final resting place, as it were.

Of course, a good Rock ‘n’ Roll album is nothing without a few great party tunes, and Waiting for Summer, The Drive-In and Perfect 10 are just that. These tracks lay a great backbeat to swing your lady high and fast, or low and slow; either way, they ensure you won’t need a seat.

I Only Think About You Sometimes is a great mariachi-influenced track and the sad, somber tone is offset by the horns and keys perfectly. Run Away Regina takes the pace down a bit, with great, crooning vocals lacing with the tremolo strums of the hollow-bodied guitar.

Change My Ways owes as much to punk rock as it does to rockabilly, but it fits in perfectly with the other tracks. The best track, though, may be Secrets. It’s the most interesting of the nine tracks, and showcases each instrument, spanning genres – equal parts ska, rock, swing, blues, and boogie-woogie.

Kickstart Rumble has clearly poured their heart and soul into this first release. The album is available digitally at and on iTunes. The release party, where the band will be selling physical discs, on February 6th at Dinosaur BBQ. More information on this and other shows can be found at


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