Buffalo Bills Week 7: The Attack of EJ

EJ is the first QB to lose in three different countries. – Photo via the Buffalo News.

There was a game checked off on my calendar as a win. A perennial failure like the Bills with a mediocre quarterback and offense. A place where our former head coach and offensive coordinator are nothing more than assistants. Yes, I’m talking about Sunday’s Bills vs Jaguars game. Many Bills fans are focused on the horribly incorrect pass interference call on Robey on a critical 3rd and 17 for Jacksonville. However, I’m more focused on the play of our one-time starting quarterback,EJ Manuel. Manuel had shown progress in the preseason, which led to new outlets reporting that if EJ played well this time around he could retain the starting job moving forward since Taylor has struggled as well. Needless to say, after the last two games, we can safely put the EJ Manuel chapter of the Bills never ending QB search story to rest. Out of all the things the Bills had to overcome with injuries, who would have thought their own QB would sabotage what should have been an easy win for a floundering team.

Somehow the Bills cam back from a 27-3 deficit and could have had a two score lead at one point if not for the McCoy fumble. – Photo via NFL.com

Any chances of the Bills winning the game died when EJ turned the ball over on three consecutive series in the second quarter which helped propel the Jags to a 27-3 lead just before halftime. EJ was able to put 10 points on the board before halftime, cutting the lead to 27-13. Manuel’s constant inaccuracy, poor short throws, and slow decision making were more evident Sunday than possibly any other point in his career. No other pass summarized EJ’s ineptitude as a quarterback better than his throw to Chris Gragg, who was standing uncovered and well out of bounds. I don’t know what’s worse, the fact EJ passed him the ball or the fact he turned up field and tried to run after the catch. He wasn’t just out of bounds by a little; he had one foot where the teams and coaches stand, which is on the other side of the out-of-bounds line.

Despite all the terrible passes, he was able to make a typical perfect pass hitting “Stone Hands” Marcus Easley in stride for a 58-yard touchdown. McCoy got the 2-point conversion to cut the deficit to 27-21. He would lead another scoring drive that resulted in a field goal, and the defense – who have been so under-performing, I have no descriptive words for it – finally scored a defensive touchdown thanks to Corey graham and his 40-something-yard interception return. The defensive line didn’t do anything to help the Bills’ chances either. They only sacked Bortles twice and got the one interception. The Jags, on the other hand, had four sacks, three forced fumbles and two interceptions. So, yes, the game ended up coming down to a bad call by the officials when they flagged Robey for pass interference on a 3rd and 17 play that would have resulted in an incomplete pass. The ball was poorly thrown and the receiver was out of position. Robey and the receiver made it to the spot of the ball, and Robey knocked it away. We will never know why the ref through the flag or why it was upheld, but the fact of the matter is the Bills shouldn’t have been in that position in the first place. It is frustrating though that teams like New England get away with blatant penalties – like all their pick plays –while teams like the Bills, who struggle to get wins, can have a game ripped away by a bad call. But this game isn’t on the officials, it’s on a defense that was supposed to be tops in the league and has barely lived up to average, at best, in addition to a plethora of injuries on the offense.

The Bills bye week finally gets here in week eight, and man do they need it. They have eight core starters out and might only get two or three back for week nine’s showdown with the Dolphins and then Jets and Pats right after. Can 7-2 happen?

So, Bills fans, what do you think? Is it going to be 16 seasons without the playoffs? What’s the main reason for the failures so far? Can we blame injuries? As always, leave us a comment here and follow us on Facebook and Twitter @wgoinbuffalo. You can find me @jasonsins. I think I need a week off as much as the Bills! See you in week nine!

By: Jason Sins.


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