Transit Drive-In Theatre

When I think about the drive-in, it makes me feel nostalgic. When I was a kid, my favorite thing to do on a summer night with my family was go to the drive-in to see a newly released movie. They have mini golf, a snack bar, a playground and so much room to run around. It’s a little kid’s paradise. I loved the way it felt being able to stay up past midnight to watch two back-to-back movies.

The last time I went to the Transit Drive-In was to watch The Simpsons Movie in 2007. I returned last weekend for the first time in eight years, and I was very pleased to see how much I still enjoyed it.

I went to see the new movie Spy staring Melissa McCarthy (I highly recommend seeing it, it was hilarious) and it was a perfect night for the drive-in. It was fairly warm, but there was enough of a chill in the air to be able to cozy up with blankets and pillows. You forget how unique it is, at any age, to be outside in your car watching a movie on the big screen. It brings you back to a time that was much easier, and I was having as much fun this time as I did when I was a kid.

This drive-in has been open since 1957. Although people may consider drive-in theatre’s a thing of the past, it’s nice to enjoy something so simple that’s an easy thing to do on a summer night. This is the only drive-in that is still open in Buffalo. I encourage everyone to visit the drive-in at least once this summer, relive your childhood and give them the business they deserve.



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