Buffalo Brewers’ Festival is BACK!


As we sit on the precipice of Buffalo’s summer, we are greeted with unseasonably warm weather, and we are taking full advantage so far. The longest day of the year fast approaches, and that means we’ll have more than enough time each evening to enjoy Buffalo’s most recent boom – beer.

Bottoms up!  Photo from morningaclips.com

Bottoms up! Photo from morningaclips.com

On Saturday, June 20th, at 4pm, the Buffalo Niagara Brewer’s Association brings the best that Buffalo – and New York State – has to offer. Buffalo Brewer’s Festival @ Canalside will feature 100 beers from over 30 breweries as well as some unexpected treats. In addition to the beer available on the concourse, the event will also include two ‘Meet The Brewer’ events. Limited to 75 people, these events include beer pairings with cheese, charcuterie, and of course, wafers from Oh Pour L’Amour du Chocolates. Tickets for these two events are $5 and available now at Premiere Gourmet.

Osteria will bring their deliciousness straight to your table!

Osteria will bring their deliciousness straight to your table!

The festival will also host the VIP tent, which is absolutely not to be missed. Sixteen amazing and unique beers will be poured throughout the day, which includes early admission. Special casked brews, ciders, and one-offs will be presented to test the palate of the most discerning beer drinker. Along with the finest beers NY has to offer, Osteria 166 will be preparing six delicious courses, with each course accompanied by a local beer, paired to perfection to enhance the experience.

As if the beer wasn’t tempting enough, the beautiful waterfront location will be surrounded with the sounds of some of Buffalo’s finest bands. The Skiffle Minstrels will kick off the event, and the legendary Steam Donkeys will close the night, with Steve Johnson & Corey Kertzie (of Big Leg Emma) and Flatbed filling in the middle.


When your stomach is as empty as your glass, step on over to some of Buffalo’s best food trucks as well as food provided by local favorites such as Oshun and Pizza Plant.

Don’t miss out on your chance to rub elbows with the best Buffalo has to offer! The best food, the best music, and of course, the best beer, will all be in one place. Pick up your VIP tickets at buffalobrewersfestival.com and secure the best seat in the house.  All of the local brewers will be on hand as well as your favorite contributors on from What’s Going on in Buffalo! Be sure to say hello, and we can raise a celebratory toast to all of the amazing things Buffalo has to offer. See you Saturday!


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