Basil Guilty Of Manslaughter

Jeff Basil will not to returning for a trial, he and his attorneys reached an agreement with the Erie County District Attorneys Office earlier today. He will accept a lesser charge of First Degree Manslaughter which carries a term of 5-25 years in prison, however his plea deal calls for the sentence to be at least 15 years with a max of 21 years. It’s been a strange turn of events as Basil’s Murder Conviction was set aside in early May, when it was disclosed that one of the jurors had been convicted of a felony and, therefore, would have been disqualified from participating in the trial.

The Sager Family has been through much in the last few months, Tim Crissman, Bill Sager’s uncle commented “We’re just kind of shocked. I mean you go through all that. You would have thought they would have crossed all their T’s and dotted their I’s before they went ahead with a trial.” Now there will be no trial just a sentencing phase which is set for July 22nd.

I can’t hope but wonder if Jeff will learn from this, and try to be a better person? I wrote an editorial which led to some interesting comments. Many have felt that he had a “better than thou” attitude that hadn’t changed much after High School. He has had multiple run-ins with the law, including arrests for Drug Possession with intent to sell, intent to cause physical harm to another person and charged with misdemeanor third-degree assault and second-degree harassment. It seems that what Jeff has been able to avoid, is accepting blame for his actions. He has been able to plea deal his way this far, but in truth maybe some sort of jail time could have prevented what happened that night at Molly’s Pub. One way or the other, he now is going to have time on his hands to think about all those choices he made. I for one hope he will become a better person, people are supposed to get a second chance. I hope he accepts the responsibility for his actions and actually reaches out to seek forgiveness from the Sager family.

The problem is this isn’t a second chance for Jeff, he has been given plenty of those…..


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