Buffalo Bills: Cheaters Get Caught & Punished, Now Let’s Move On!

OK NFL fans – especially the fans of the New England Patriots – enough is enough. Tom Brady and the Patriots Organization’s punishment is fair and was called for. This wasn’t an investigation held in the legal court of law with the burden falling on the prosecution to prove guilt. This is the NFL and their internal rules. There was evidence that proved it was more probable than not that Brady knew about the deflation of the footballs, proof that he tried to lie and cover it up. Please stop with all the talk that this punishment is unfair and unjust; the Patriots have repeatedly broken and consistently push the bounds of the NFL rules and procedures to gain a competitive advantage.

Did the Patriots even need to cheat? They won 45-7 !!! – Photo via http://www.nbcnews.com

Let’s not be naive, either, and think that the Patriots are the only team who cheat or bend the rules to gain a competitive advantage; however, other teams don’t have the history the Patriots do. Spygate is really hard to look past. The Patriots were caught filming other team’s signals, mapping those signals to plays on the field and then telling Tom Brady what the other team was doing so that he knew where to go with the football. Even though the owner and coach were fined and they lost a first pick, they weren’t really punished for that; in fact, they actually had two first round picks in 2008 – the 10th and 31st – and they lost the 31st pick. They still ended up with starter Jerrod Mayo. They possibly gained three Super Bowl rings and numerous AFC division and conference championships. In the explanation of the penalties handed down to the Patriots for Deflategate, reference is made to Spygate and the fact they are repeat offenders. Usually repeat offenders get harsher punishments for similar or additional crimes.

We all know the NFL lacks consistency in discipline, so we don’t need the dozens of examples of other teams warming footballs on the side lines etc. Other teams are warned or fined but they haven’t lied about it and they don’t have a history of cheating. You also have to see it from the NFL side – public faith in the integrity of the game is already at an all-time low. The conduct of its players has been on the front page of every media outlet for years, and now their poster boy, Tom Brady, is the center of a tampering scandal. Many fans already feel games are fixed based on penalties called by refs since sports betting can have a huge impact on the integrity of any sports games. Now fans see one of the supposed best QB’s ever is tampering with footballs to make them easier to grip. Pair that with the fumbling stats being the fewest by so much for so many years and you start thinking what else are they doing. There is definitely a black mark on everything the Patriots have done since Brady was named the starter since all of the cheating scandals seem to have begun when he took over as QB of the Patriots.

Sour Grapes Bills Fans??? Nope just delflated footballs. – Photo via http://www.komonews.com

Some might say I’m jaded because I’m a Bills fan and Brady beats us all the time. Yes, I love my home town team, even though they have been terrible for half of my life…but I love football – I love watching great players making great plays. What I don’t like to see is cheating. When you look past all the scandals and look at stats like fumbles and 3rd-and-long completions in critical points of the game, you start seeing a pattern emerge. When I watch Manning, Rodgers, or Brees win close games, it’s a more amazing throw by those QBs, whereas with Brady and the Patriots, it’s a lot less ‘great players making great plays’ and a lot more ‘perfect play calling at the perfect time.’ Maybe Brady isn’t the “Cinderella 6th round pick who becomes a hall-of-famer” story we’ve all been spoon fed. Maybe it’s more that cheating can make even an average quarterback look great. That is probably why Brady doesn’t ever want to play anywhere else. Maybe he’s just a product of the system and knows he’d be exposed if he had to play for another team. Unlike the true greats like Manning, Brees, Montana, etc. whose skills carry over regardless of team or coaches.

Don’t kid yourself, Belichick would do anything to win! – Photo via abcnews.go.com

Well, Bills fans, what do you think? Does the penalty fit the crime? Should they have gotten more or less? Should Belichick have been suspended like Sean Payton was? As always let me know what you think on here, and make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Twitter @wgoinbuffalo and me @jasonsins. With the suspension though, I think the AFC East is even more wide open! This could be the year we finally break the drought!

By: Jason Sins


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