Lancaster Still Divided, But For No Good Reason……

The Redskin logo that once graced Lancaster's website - Photo via

The Redskin logo that once graced Lancaster’s website – Photo via

Definition of Redskin in English: noun – dated or offensive An American Indian.

It is seemingly ridiculous that we can live in the 21st Century and still have to deal with racist nicknames that have existed for hundreds of years. The fight over Lancaster changing its school nickname has been long overdue — and needed. I would point out that nowhere else in Western New York do you find a team nickname proclaiming the micks, wops or other outdated racial slang.

Really Tradition? A public Works worker for Lancaster was paid to put this sign up?!?!?! - Photo via

Tradition? Yes, Morally wrong? Absolutely. On top of that a public works laborer for Lancaster was paid to put this sign up?!?!?! – Photo via

I can understand why people who graduated, and current students, from Lancaster have an attachment to the nickname. They’ve grown up with it, as have so many of their relatives and family. School pride is something that I find quite lacking these days, so I can partially understand the uproar. However, that said, the term is offensive and derogatory to Native Americans who once ruled this land we now call America before we “bartered” with them for its rights. Let me be upfront here about that term “barter.” What we really did was systematically strip Native Americans of their rights and land until we forced them on the “Trail of Tears” at gunpoint. The racial prejudice that we have inflicted on Native Americans still takes its toll to this day — in the form of nicknames and logos that only seem to demean Native Americans more.

This women clearly doesn't support the name change. - Photo via - WGRZ

This women clearly doesn’t support the name change. – Photo via – WGRZ

There seems to be a small group of people from Lancaster that are still fighting for the nickname even though the School Board has already unanimously voted to remove it. To those hanging on to that nickname, I ask: what are you trying to prove? I also ask the question: “What if the nickname there was a racial slang of your heritage? Would you support it then?” Would the Lancaster Krauts, Lancaster Chinks, or Lancaster Guineas be better for everyone? The fact is the term is derogatory, and it needed to be changed. So I welcome you to the 21st century, Lancaster, and hope that you stop all this foolishness over a team nickname that should never have existed in the first place. I also wish you the best on choosing a scary, tough sounding and all-around bad-ass nickname that doesn’t offend anyone. Finally, to those that still think that the team nickname should be Redskin, I only have two words for you: Wake Up!


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One Comment on “Lancaster Still Divided, But For No Good Reason……”

  1. John Marschner March 21, 2015 at 7:53 pm #

    If Redskin is really offensive, why are there football teams comprised of mostly Native American players that are fine with it? It’s a tribute and honor, period.

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