Money, Money, Money, MONEY!!!

Uh Yeah that's about right! - Photo via

Uh Yeah that’s about right! – Photo via

Terry Pegula in the last five days has traded a “legend” Kiko Alonso, if only by reputation, for one of the best all-purpose backs in the NFL; LeSean McCoy, and then signed him to a 5 year; 40 Million Dollar contract (26 million guaranteed), then handed out a huge 5 year; 45 Million Dollar contract (20 million guaranteed) to defensive end Jerry Hughes. It’s enough to make ones head spin! These aren’t the days of the frugal Ralph Wilson who would not overpay players in the early 90’s (ie: Nate Odoms, Billy Brooks), to only over pay ten years later, most notably to a few free agent blunders (ie: Langston Walker, Derrick Dockery).

Dockery (left) & Walker are two of the biggest FA busts ever! - Photos via &

Dockery (left) & Walker are two of the biggest FA busts ever! – Photos via &

It’s very reminiscent of the H&R Block commercial (you know the one) where the spokesman tells America to get its Billions Back! That’s what NFL Free Agency reminds me of, they’ll spend Billions, and come Tuesday morning the floodgates will be opening.

The McCoy deal signals one very important thing to pro athletes, and puts the rest of the league on notice! If he really was gripping that he didn’t want to come to Buffalo as reported by Josina Anderson of ESPN. Then this means that money probably does change everything. Last night after the contract was reported, a video of McCoy telling Bills fans to get ready for Shady McCoy, who can’t wait to come to Buffalo surfaced on twitter. I guess 26 Million guaranteed money would change a lot of people’s tunes. What this really means though, is Buffalo is now a place where you should want to go to get paid in the NFL. Before Terry, we were a small market team that had history, but who would want to play in that cold weather? Players would commonly think of Buffalo as an after thought, and with no playoffs over the last 15 years, a perennial loser to boot. Tough to swallow isn’t it?

It's official…. G5 straight to buffalo as my new FAMILY awaits me can't WAIT!!!!

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With the additions of Rex Ryan, LeSean McCoy, Richie Incognito, Matt Cassel and departures of Kyle Orton, Kiko Alonso, CJ Spiller, and in all likelihood Fred Jackson, this is going to be a much different team come this Fall. Oh yeah and Free Agency doesn’t actually start until tomorrow!  But hey no worries, Terry has plenty of money, and hopefully a big checkbook!


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