“Punk as Folk” – Pat The Bunny’s Buffalo Return

Pat the Bunny

Sometimes it’s so easy to get so lost in listening to music that we overlook the stories and past history behind the people making the music themselves. Pat Schneeweis, performing under the punk moniker Pat the Bunny, has been active in the folk-punk, acoustic, and anarcho-punk scenes for a long time as a songwriter and musician under a variety of different identities. Johnny Hobo and the Freight TrainsWingnut Dishwashers Union, and his latest band Ramshackle Glory are all a part of his extensive musical résumé (among others). Pat’s lyrical stories have covered every topic from drugs and alcohol to political frustration, remembering good friends, and the choices we make in our lives. Now on tour, Pat once again stops in Buffalo to play another intimate basement show tonight along with some friendly, local talent.

Joining Pat the Bunny will be Everett Lonesome’s Nightmare, Loudmouse, Amber K, and Austin Kencel at The Northrup House in an all-ages show. Tonight’s folk and acoustic festivities are presented by Aluminum Records, a not-for-profit label that releases music on a “pay what you want”/donation-based system (all of which is available online). Doors open at 6:00pm with music starting at 7:00 sharp. A small donation of $5-$7 is requested upon entry. Ask a punk for the location. Aluminum Records


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