Buffalo Bills: The Legend of Kiko Heads To Philly….. But We Love Us Some Shady!

Looking good in Bills colors! - Photo via Bleacher Report

Looking good in Bills colors! – Photo via Bleacher Report

Wow, do I love being a Bills fan in 2015! I thought this was going to be a quiet offseason since we lack a first round pick, but the Bills continue to make headlines! On Tuesday, the Bills pulled off the biggest player-for-player trade since the Clinton Portis for Champ Bailey trade 11 years ago. The Bills sent Kiko Alonso to the Philadelphia Eagles for their all-star Pro Bowl running back, LeSean McCoy! How do you think Bryce Brown feels now being behind McCoy yet again? However, I’m excited because they were a dynamic duo two years ago. The trade has torn the fan base with many hating the trade and many loving the trade. Let me break down the good and the bad and see where we land at the end!

The legend of Kiko heads to Philly.... Photo via George Gojkovich/Getty Images

The legend of Kiko heads to Philly…. Photo via George Gojkovich/Getty Images

I think the Bills got the better player. Alonso was impressive as a Rookie but really only had six good games. He made a lot of tackles as most middle linebackers do, and he played every snap in every game. He disappeared in the second half of the season and eventually lost out on being Rookie of the Year. He tore his ACL training in the off-season and missed the entire 2014 season. I remember writing a training camp article last year questioning what the Bills would do as I thought Alonso’s injury would be a huge blow. It turns out Nigel Bradham and Preston Brown are pretty good! The defense was actually better without Alonso, making him expendable. His name has been floated around as trade bait since the middle of last season. I see Alonso as a Paul Posluzny type. He’s a smaller, quick linebacker who can play well in the pass game and sideline to sideline but is weak against the run. It’ll be interesting to see how he’s recovered from the injury and if there are any lingering effects. Alonso was a casualty of numbers, and the Bills were able to capitalize off of his impressive rookie campaign. The Eagles are taking all the risk, but there could be a high reward if Alonso continues to get better.

McCoy is coming off a down year in which he ran for only 1,319 yards and scored just five times. Let that sink in for a moment… His “down” year is still pretty darn impressive. The Bills’ entire rushing attack last year ran for 1,482 yards and scored seven times. Two years ago McCoy set the league on fire in his first year under Chip Kelly’s explosive offense. McCoy ran for 1,607 yards and scored nine touchdowns on the ground. He also added 539 yards and two touchdowns receiving. In 2011 McCoy scored 20 times, 17 of which were on the ground. If EJ is our QB next year, we all know he loves to check down, so that is obviously good news for McCoy. McCoy is durable as he played all 16 regular season games in the past two years. He did miss four games in 2012 and one game in each of the previous two years.  McCoy’s broken the 1,000 yard mark four times in his six-year career. The downside to McCoy is ball security. He has 14 fumbles in 1,461 attempts. Perhaps the Bills too can underinflate their footballs like the Patriots did so McCoy doesn’t fumble as much. There is a monetary downside to McCoy as he’s scheduled to make $9.5 million this year. That’s a lot of money to pay for a devalued position.

Personally, I’m for it. I would have loved to see CJ come back in Roman’s system and see how Alonso fit in Ryan’s defense. It would have been nice to spin Alonso for a better QB, but it sounds like they may have tried that and found no takers. McCoy is definitely an upgrade as he’s proven to be one of the best backs in the league. It all depends on our line and our scheme if he succeeds here.

So what do you think Bills fans? Are you happy about the trade? Excited? Mad? Leave a comment, and let us know! Make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Twitter @wgoinbuffalo and me @jasonsins! Let’s GO BUFF-A-LO!

By: Jason Sins


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