The Buffalo Board of Education – Worse than Reality TV

Happier times!?!?! – Photo via Buffalo News

What in the name of Puck, Snooki, Omirosa, Pedro, or whomever, is going on with the Buffalo Board of Education?

Like an out of control version of The Real World meets The Apprentice. They consistently bicker back and forth, as if trapped on and island with little to no food! I guess we should be grateful their is no tribal consul, lest things get real fast! Come to think of it, maybe that’s just what they need. Sometimes I wonder if they know there is no prize for being the last person left standing right? I mean this isn’t Survivor, even though they have seemed to team up, if nothing else than out of necessity.

Carl Paladino – Photo via Buffalo News

The latest in some sort of quickfire challenge that comes with it preposterous twist is a civil suit that been filed. That’s no surprise honestly, what is surprising is that the General Counsel for the Buffalo School District, named Carl Paladino along with the entire school board in a civil rights complaint.  Huh, that’s gonna make the next meeting  AWKWARD! Surprised? Not in the least, as it’s just the latest in a long line of weird and strange actions that the BOE has gone through over the past few months.

Odd isn’t it that the “grown ups” in charge of making the key decisions for the Buffalo Public Schools act like juveniles with completely over sized egos. I would have little doubt that their may be some merit in a few of the accusation that have been thrown upon Carl Paladino, the fact remains that they are ALL there to do a job. It’s not just that they fall inadequately short in even doing that, it’s that each time these nine people are in the same room they can barely accomplish the simple task of doing what they were elected for. I mean they are in control of over 800 Million Dollars of the schools budget, maybe Governor Cuomo needs to try a little Undercover Boss to get things working in the right direction. I can see Larry Quinn opening up about the hockey team he loved but lost. I can see the reveal right now, as he’s told that they’ve gotten him a job with the Phoenix Coyotes, a “professional” hockey club!


If only Larry Quinn wielded that much power – Photos via The Public and NBC Universal

However, as things stand the situation they (BOE) are in, is totally unacceptable. Lots of people don’t agree with one another, but this isn’t Congress. Education, home values, quality of life for all in Buffalo depends on these members working together to better the schools. But in the end even if they can’t get along, then the least they should do is move into a house together for 3 months (letting us tape them all the time, of course), until they CAN work out their problems get their shit together, all of them. I mean hell, even if it doesn’t solve the schools problems, think of the Reality TV show that would make.



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One Comment on “The Buffalo Board of Education – Worse than Reality TV”

  1. joseph14209 March 3, 2015 at 10:35 pm #

    the boe are all self serving individuals but Paladino and Quinn on the board is like Bill Cosby and Mike Tyson on the board of the Girl scouts of america

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