Buffalo Bills QB Search: Really This Is It!?!?!?

Do any of these QB's fill you with hope?

With RGIII, Culter, and Cap staying put for the meantime, Vick and Colt McCoy are “‘hot” commodities?!?!!?

It’s been an interesting 45 days to be a Bills fan. Fortunately, Marrone left and Orton retired. Rex Ryan became our Head Coach and our first signing under new owners, Kim and Terry Pegula, was a controversial guy who’s been black-balled for over a year in the league. Recently we brought in Josh McCown as a possible option at QB. Thankfully, he left without a contract, but it doesn’t mean he won’t be in a Bills uniform come training camp. As we all know, the Bills QB situation has been a mess since Kelly left — 20 yrs ago! The Doug Flutie debacle was really the last time we had a legit QB under center. Bledsoe was a retreaded statue who couldn’t get it done when needed. All you had to do was blitz and Bledsoe couldn’t move fast enough to make a play. The names of all the QBs since 2006 have became answers to trivia questions and fun facts. For some reason the Bills just have no idea what to look for in a QB, and — like most NFL teams — they marry themselves to a QB they drafted even if a better prospect is available. It’s 2015 and we again find ourselves in the midst of figuring out the QB position. What are the Bills possibilities at quarterback? Can we get better without a first round pick and limited talent in free agency?

The List of QBs available is long; the list of good ones is not. My top 10 list of available QBs would be:

1: Colt McCoy

2: Jake Locker

3: Mark Sanchez

4: Tarvarius Jackson

5: Matt Moore

6: Dan Orlovsky

7: Brian Hoyer

8: Shaun Hill

9: Michael Vick

10: Josh McCown

As you can see, there’s no stand out here. It’s the typical bottom of the barrel scraps the Bills have rummaged through for a decade. The draft doesn’t look much better, and having only two picks in the first four rounds won’t help. We have EJ Manuel and Jeff Tuel on the roster, but does anyone really think these guys are the answer? Both are barely decent backup QBs much less starters.

Remember this guy! - Photo via Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Remember this guy! – Photo via Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

EJ is still intriguing though. His passes are inaccurate and his decision making is poor, which is far from a successful QB formula. Some of those ingredients were just bad coaching via Marrone and his inexperienced coaching staff. Marrone’s direction led to EJ’s regression on the field and obvious decision making impairment. I mean, they ran a read option and told the QB never to run! EJ said last year if he ever gets the chance to start again he’s just going to let loose, implying he was held back. His failure is not totally his fault, he listened to his coaches and thought what they were telling him would help him, not derail his career. I’m sure EJ learned a lot that may help him just go out and play football and not worry about all the things he was told not to do.

EJ will need competition though. A lot of people think Mark Sanchez is an obvious option because of the history between he and Rex. Don’t be so fast to connect those dots. Sanchez was an embarrassment while with the Jets. He did far better in Philly last year but showed he’s still just a below average QB. Does either he or Rex really want all that old baggage to surface again? I still laugh thinking about the butt fumble play!

Oh boy! Here we go again?!?!?! - Photo via www.seahawks.net

Oh boy! Here we go again?!?!?! – Photo via http://www.seahawks.net

Shaun Hill seems like a logical backup choice. He can come in and manage the game and had some decent games on multiple teams. He’s 35 and can mentor a young QB. Colt McCoy has always intrigued me. He’s a little undersized, but in the right system could fair well. Jake Locker is another guy who might show some improvement by changing scenery. The Titans have been a mess for years and have little talent on offense. Though he’s often injured, he might be a slight upgrade. Outside of those guys, it’s literally going to be throwing darts in the dark and rolling with whomever you hit. The Bills could decide to try and trade for a QB. There could also be some surprise releases between now and the draft. But, like this winter in Buffalo, the QB picture looks grey and bleak, and it’s going to be a long time before there’s warm sunshine to bask in. In the words of Dennis Rodman from the movie Double Team: “sometimes the best offense is a good defense.” That will be the motto of the Bills until they find the next Jim Kelly.

By: Jason Sins.


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