Baby IT IS COLD Outside!

Yep.... That's about right! - Photo via

Yep…. That’s about right! – Photo via

I really can’t stay, But baby, it’s cold outside….. I’ve got to go away…… But baby, it’s cold outside!

Screenshot_2015-02-15-08-59-15With all due respect to the immortal Louis Armstrong, and Dean Martin, they’ve got nothing on Buffalo! When I awoke this morning, the temperature on my phone read -8 degrees. I mean, that’s freaking COLD!

Having been a life long Western New Yorker, I’ve dealt with some ridiculously cold, as well as snow, but this just seems ludicrous! In the past year we’ve had two Blizzards, days with wind chill’s that have approached -40 degrees, and a snow storm in November that crippled the city and most of the Southtowns for a week, if not longer! The sad thing is that it seems as if it will never go away.

We put up with a lot in Buffalo and the surrounding areas, the ability to handle the above mentioned events, fills Buffalonian’s with a strange sense of pride. Mention ’77 and many people can tell you where they were, along with a few anecdotes of how they survived. This past November storm, has opened up the legendary storytelling to a whole new generation of people, most of them on social media. In twenty years, when someone asks about the storm of ’14 they’ll be a whole group of people waiting with their stories.

I should point out that while we do take pride in the aforementioned survival of these weather disasters, we do it with a grain of salt. Let me start by saying no one and I mean NO ONE, wants to have to deal with the snow, and cold to the extent that we’ve been subjected. While we take pride in the extremes, we are not crazy! One of the great things about Buffalo, and the area, is its gorgeous seasons (present one excluded). We have amazing Summers, and while they last shorter than most other seasons, make us the envy of many places. Fall, is a gorgeous event that attracts tourists from all over the states, if not the world. But it’s the Winter’s that stick in people’s minds. The 10 foot tall snow drifts, the epic wind chills, the seemingly never ending snow, these are things that many associate with the city of Buffalo.

Screenshot_2015-02-15-09-22-21‘So those of you that have moved to a warmer climate to escape the harshness of a Buffalo Winter, remember we’ll be here wearing it as our badge of honor. I mean it’s going to warm up tomorrow for sure! They’re talking about a high of 7 degrees!!!!


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