BuffaloDad: Sledding – The Parental Unit Workout!

And we're off!

And we’re off!

I remember sledding all day as a kid. We had a tall hill next to an off-ramp that we played on which was a few blocks from my house. Trudging up and down the hill for 10 seconds of bliss was no problem back then. Now that I’m 32 with kids of my own, trudging through the snow while dragging my kids behind me on their sleds is a little more exhausting than fun now! Was I training like Rocky Balboa in Rocky 4 in the frozen tundra of Russia? The scene of him climbing and crawling up the side of that snowy mountain to yell DRAGO at the top flashed in my mind as I found myself struggling for traction, crawling and dragging Rohan on his sled up the hill. Sledding now doesn’t mean the hours of fun it used to. Now I cry a little knowing the ironman challenge that lies in front of me!

DRAGGGOOOOO!!! Go big or go home!

DRAGGGOOOOO!!! Go big or go home!

I’m mostly to blame though. I won’t take them to just any hill; it has to be the best hill. I’m sure a 10-foot hill would be just fine for them, but I want the 50-foot monster that no one’s been to. This is an excellent idea when had inside the warmth of my home. The drive to the hill is filled with expectations. I ask how fast we are going to go and hear “super-fast” in return. I park the car and get the sleds out. The kids hop on and we’re off, walking along a nicely plowed sidewalk with just the right amount of snow on it. I can barely tell I’m even pulling anything behind me. At some point I look to the left and see the Hill. I point and with pride I say to the boys; “There’s the best hill ever, are you guys ready?” Little high pitched screams of “yeeeaaaa daddy” make me smile.

As we turn to begin our 350-yard hike to the hill, I realize the snow along the sidewalk is waist-high. I pick up each kid while on their sleds and place them on top of the snow; it barely gives. Then My 210 pounds steps on the snow and I sink to the bottom. It’s a good thing excitement and adrenaline is still flowing as I trudge through the snow, marching like a soldier. Step after step the excitement is fading. Even though its 20 degrees outside, I can feel the sweat building under my hat and coat. Ten minutes later and about halfway to the hill I look back contemplating turning around. Then I look at those rosy cheeks and smiling faces just enjoying the ride, and I press on.

Gavin's first time sledding!

Gavin’s first time sledding!

My legs are jelly, but we’ve finally arrived. Rohan climbs up, but the ground is frozen and icy under all the loose snow. After a slight breather I get both kids up to the top of the hill and push them down to my wife at the bottom a few times. They seem to like it just fine, but I think Rohan would like a bigger, faster hill, so we hike up the slow sloping crest of the hill to the top. Only dog tracks can be seen, possibly from the local coyotes. I’m surprised that no one’s taken advantage of this amazing hill and all this snow yet! Rohan and I go down together the first time, packing the snow into the perfect sledding chute. The first few times up and down Rohan climbs back up by himself. I know it’s a lot of work for him but he’s loving it; laughing as he slips and slides down a little. On the way up the next time I heard him say “Daddy, can you pull me up on the sled please?” How can I say no to that?! After all, a little snow can’t stop Buffalo Dad! Besides, how hard can climbing an icy, snowy hill on all fours for traction while pulling a 40-pound sled really be? If you want a workout I strongly suggest the Buffalo Dad Sledding Workout. Just make sure to alternate arms!

Rohan was having a blast and eventually wanted to go down by himself. Of course, he gets on face-first and wants to “superman” the hill. Before he can change his mind, I give him a little push, and off he goes. The sound of joyful and terrified screams fill the air and are soon quieted as he face plants in the snow at the bottom. I roll and slide down the hill as fast as I can and tell him how awesome he did. He just says: “yea, I know. Can we go over to the small hill now?” We trudge over to Momma and Gavin who are also ready to leave, and we begin the long walk back through the knee-high snow. I look back and see Rohan lying on his back on the sled, looking up, and trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue. It’s one of those times where you remember just how special those childhood moments are.

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear your stories and how you enjoy winter time with your kids. Make sure you’re following us @wgoinbuffalo and @buffalodad716 !

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