The ‘Dozer Will Not Clear A Path. The Tank Will.

Lindback is a subpar journeyman.  Perfect for the tank.  Photo from

Lindback is a subpar journeyman. Perfect for the tank. Photo from

Seemingly, the fun may never end. This time, when my phone buzzed, it was a text message: “Enroth to Dallas. The Great Purge continues.”

I had been following this on twitter, and so, my response was fairly measured: “The goalie we’re getting back is alright.” The goalie in question is Anders Lindback, and the trade also includes a conditional draft pick that could be second rounder.

If you were holding onto that “My Name is Jhonas” parody song, now is the time to release it – it would appear that 26Shirts got their Weezer shoutout into Buffalo’s waiting hands just in the nick of time. It stands to reason that Enroth would go; he

Timing is everything.  Good call, Del! Photo from

Timing is everything. Good call, Del! Photo from

is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season, and may not be the direction the Sabres want to go in net. It is no secret that Murray favors size in almost all instances, and Enroth is small for a goalie. What is strange is that Lindback is also an unrestricted free agent, and this is his fourth team in five years; Lindback was drafted by Nashville, traded to Tampa Bay, where he played 24 & 23 games respectively, with subpar stats both seasons, and landed in Dallas this year, where he played almost as many AHL games as he did in the NHL, and again, performed poorly in the big leagues.

Enroth is a huge loss for this team, and given the vicious scrub Murray gave the lockerroom today, we have not only embraced the tank, we have brought the tank flowers, taken it to a nice seafood dinner, and invited ourselves up for a nightcap. It would appear that the tank is open to our advances, and that there may be teeny little Sabretanks running around by the end of the season. (Tanks have surprisingly short gestation periods.) Enroth has been, for the most part, the most consistent player on a team rife with inconsistencies. Jhonas has spelled Ryan Miller in times of injury – largely to positive results. He suffered in his role as a back-up; Enroth was best when he was shouldering the heaviest loads. This season was no different – head coach Ted Nolan seemed to set an every-other-game schedule for his goalies as the season progressed, and in this routine, Neuvirth stood out as the better choice and remained the tentative #1 until his injury late in the fall. When Neuvirth went down, however, Enroth stood tall and carried Buffalo on an extended winning streak – something we’re mostly unfamiliar with in these parts.

The move is great for Enroth, just as the move to Winnipeg benefitted Stafford and Myers. Enroth heads to a team that is playoff-bound, and he will be playing for a familiar head coach, as Lindy Ruff heads the Stars’ coaching staff. It is speculated with a high likelihood that he will be starting in Dallas for the remainder of the season; the conditional pick we got for Jhonas depends on his playoff performance. If Enroth wins four playoff games, the third round pick becomes a second round pick. Jhonas will be the featured goalie on a team with great some great scorers and above-average defense. Good luck to him on his trek to win us a second rounder.

Neuvirth has what may be the save of the year, and will get some good looks this spring.  Photo from

Neuvirth has what may be the save of the year, and will get some good looks this spring. Photo from

According to Tim Murray’s press conference, Neuvirth will be the featured goalie over the newly acquired Lindback. He confessed that Lindback has been less-than-stellar in his pro career, and that he wanted to give Neuvirth a chance to garner a reasonable contract from the team. I have to wonder if Lindback will make his way down the 90 and that Amerks’ netminder Matt Hackett may see some NHL action in the coming weeks. It is rumored that Linus Ullmark, who has been playing in Europe this season, will definitely be in North America next season, though he will likely start out in Rochester. This goaltending scmozzle that we’ve found ourselves in will be as interesting as everything else that may happen between now and this time next year.

It has undoubtedly been one of the most exciting days in a very long time. It at least rivals last year’s trade deadline moves, and is absolutely the most exciting thing that’s happened since the puck dropped on the 2014-2015 season. The best part of all of it is that we’re probably not done. The new-look Sabres will take the ice Sunday against the Philadelphia Flyers down at the FNC. I hope that the team is entertaining at least – we all know how distracting new love can be, and today has proven that we are truly, madly, deeply in love with the tank.

It's tank love, and it's real.  Photo from

It’s tank love, and it’s real. Photo from

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2 Comments on “The ‘Dozer Will Not Clear A Path. The Tank Will.”

  1. Anonymous February 12, 2015 at 5:18 pm #

    In what league are the Stars playoff bound?


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