Buffalo Bills: Building a “Bully” With a Bully

Say hello again to Ritchie - Photo via dirtywaternews.com

Say hello again to Ritchie – Photo via dirtywaternews.com

Over the weekend the Bills signed one of the most controversial players in the NFL in Richie Incognito. For those who may not know, this is the guy that bullied Jonathan Martin when the two played for the Miami Dolphins. Incognito made derogatory comments about Martin’s mother and sister. He sent text messages threatening to kill Martin and do sexually explicit things to his sister among numerous other allegations. His actions led to a suspension for most of the 2013 season, and he didn’t play at all last year despite trying out for three teams. Incognito’s been involved in a number of incidents since 2002 that are quite disturbing. Is this the kind of guy the Bills needed? Does building a “Bully” really require a guy who was suspended for bullying and viewed as a dirt bag in the league?

This Incognito's second go around with the Bills - Photo via www.theherdreport.com

This Incognito’s second go around with the Bills – Photo via http://www.theherdreport.com

Personally, this guy and guys like him make me sick. To me, playing in the NFL is a privilege. Now, I’m not going to list all the things this guy has done; I implore you to google it for yourself. I’ll just say Incognito has done despicable things over the course of his 12-year collegiate and professional career. He doesn’t seem to have any respect for other people, his team, nor the NFL. Guys like Incognito need the NFL more than the NFL needs them. Unfortunately, this is a league where talent does the talking. Players can get away with murder, run a dog fighting ring, and beat their spouses all while making millions. I’m all about redemption, but how many times does it take before enough is enough? Why is 2015 different than 2014 when zero teams took a chance on the guy?

I’m hearing this was strictly a Rex Ryan move. From a football operations perspective, I can see the appeal. Incognito was a pro-bowler in 2012. He was playing well in 2013 before the Martin incident. Kim and Terry Pegula did release a statement that said they met with Richie Incognito along with the GM and coach. They said, after a lengthy discussion, they feel he’s put all those issues behind him and is ready to move forward. Incognito does bring grit and attitude, which is much needed on this offensive line though he goes too far at times. We have monsters on that offensive line that get pushed around like rag dolls. Maybe this signing lights a fire under Richardson, Henderson and Kouandjio to perform better in their second year. Incognito did play three games with the Bills when Chan Gailey was Head Coach. He was signed late in the year due to injuries, but the Bills didn’t resign him and he went to Miami. The Bills are hurting at the guard position, but is the risk worth the reward?

Martin and Incognito in happier times?  - Photo via walterfootball.com

Martin and Incognito in happier times? – Photo via walterfootball.com

Time will tell if this was a good move or a time bomb. Buffalo is a small community and won’t tolerate professional athletes acting the way Incognito does. The only thing Incognito has shown is that it’s not a matter of if something will happen again but when. The Bills protected themselves signing him to a one year deal worth 2.25 million. If he pans out, then that’s a steal for a Pro Bowl-caliber Guard. Hopefully, Incognito learned his lesson and is a better person because of the consequences. A lot can happen between now and when the roster is finalized at the end of August. If this is the type of player we can expect Rex Ryan to want to bring in, then this is going to be an interesting tenure.

Well, Buffalo, what do you think? Do you like the move? Does he help or hurt the Bills? As always, leave me a comment here, on Facebook or on Twitter @wgoinbuffalo or me @jasonsins, and remember, only five more months till football!

By: Jason Sins


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