What’s All The Commotion?

What’s all the commotion, Sabre fans? This is the first thing the Sabres have done well in years! They’re tankin’, they’re tankin’, and they’re doin’ it wellllll. Although the team has been playing a tad better lately, they just went oh-fer-January.

And to think, some of us were worried that GMTM did too much in free agency this past off-season. Just wait, sports fans; they’re only going to get worse, and I think there’s a strong possibility we only see them win 4-5 more games this season.

GMTM examining his roster.

GMTM examining his roster. Photo via Aol.com

Why do I think they’re going to get worse? The trade deadline. In the coming weeks, Tim Murray will be wheeling and dealing and making lemonade out of old, rotted, spoiled lemons. He’ll likely trade away assets like Drew Stafford and Chris Stewart. There’s also the possibility that Jhonas Enroth or Michael Neuvirth will be wrapped up with a ribbon and shipped off as well.

This picture leads me to believe one of them may have actually scored.

This picture leads me to believe one of them may have actually scored. Photo via PicThePix.com

The loss of Stafford and Stewart may not seem like much to some people, but all-in-all, these are the guys that are relied upon to score. It’s doubtful that any deadline deals involving these two players will bring back players in return. Any assets acquired will likely be 1st or 2nd round draft picks. People argue it will be hard to garner a first round pick out of anybody for number 21 and 80, but they’re talented players surrounded with mediocrity in Buffalo. A scenery change will be great for Stafford and Stewart. And yes, I did just say that Drew Stafford is talented.

With Staff and Stew gone the Sabres will have to rely on the likes of Tylepopeyesr Ennis, Zemgus Girgensons, Matt Moulson, and CODY HODGSON. Depending on Hodgson to score these days is about as enjoyable as waiting in line at a newly minted, Popeye’s Chicken in Buffalo. Consistency is something that is hard to find on Buffalo’s roster this season. The only player that somewhat resembles the word is the whirling dervish, Tyler Ennis. Matt Moulson is having one of the streakiest seasons of his career and Zemgus is still learning and is too young to be leaned on night in and night out.


Pictured Above: Andrej Meszaros

All that being said, DON’T FORGET, if Matt Hackett doesn’t play in at least 8 games this season he automatically becomes a UFA. He is the best goaltending prospect in the system right now and they can’t afford to lose him. You better believe that he will play in 7 more games (he’s already played one). Those 7 games are likely losses. That’s nothing against his talent level. He’s a great goalie and will be a serviceable NHL goalie one day. Just not now. Not with a defense that includes Andrej Meszaros, Andrej Benoit, and Tyson Strachan.

Ted Nolan and his squad just snapped a team record 14 game losing skid. Three more losses and they would have tied an NHL record 17 losses in a row. They’re next 3 games are against the Blues, Stars, and Islanders (Gosh, when did the Islanders get good?). You can almost count on a new losing streak.  Even after those games their schedule is pretty tough. It’s going to be dismal.  It’s too bad that Ted Nolan’s name has to be associated with all this nonsense. Great guy, great motivator, not a good “hockey” guy. Unless the our dudes in blue and gold stumble across some seriously struggling teams, they’re only hope for wins are against, Toronto, Arizona (It still feels weird not saying Phoenix), Carolina, and New Jersey.

The Sabres are absolutely pitiful this season. I need to stop hearing about how Ted Nolan should be fired and all that nonsense. They’re supposed to be bad and lose a lot. Their goal scoring is dreadful. I’ve seen Derek Roy drink more beers in an hour than we’ll see the Sabres score in one game the rest of this season. Just let them suck and don’t dog them for it. If you’ve got a blue and gold “97” jersey in your repertoire, props to you my friend. You are also, “doin’ it well.”


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