Give Dr. Ogilvie an F!


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Lets start by saying that not every decision made by any school superintendent is going to be a popular decision on a day like today. It can not be an easy decision to close schools, and put yourself, as well as teachers and school staff in the line of fire when weather gets this bad. Now that we got that out of the way, can someone explain to me why Buffalo schools remained open today?


Kids on their way into school #67 today – Photo via Mark Mulville (Staff Photographer Buffalo News)- @MQMulville

This isn’t the first time we’ve been critical of Dr. Ogilvie, but it seems to be incredibly justified on a day like today. A snowstorm crippled morning commuters, and in some cases has left children stranded at bus stops for prolonged periods of time as the weather deteriorated around the area. With more than a foot of snow, and whiteout conditions, somehow schools remained open. Yes we lost multiple days due to the November storm that shut down Buffalo schools until after Thanksgiving in some cases, but why would you put children, as well as teachers who commute to work in these dangerous conditions?

We tried contacting Dr. Ogilvie for comment multiple times this morning, but were transferred to Elena Cala, Special Assistant for Community Relations for Buffalo Public Schools. However, she did not return our calls as of this post, and we are only left to speculate. Some people on social media commented that they were told that Buffalo Schools was out of snow days, which is the reason schools remained open. While that may have made sense to the Superintendent, it is certainly a head scratcher to parents who were left out in the cold once again. In most cases parents kept their children home rather than subject them to the elements. Michelle Courtney commented on our Facebook page that,  “I called my son’s Bus Terminal, at which point they said they had no driver for his bus.” After contacting the school, they basically told her…. “Oh well, try to get him in.” Another person commented “we received a phone call after 9am informing us that schools were open, but buses were running well behind schedule.” Gee Thanks!

Downtown was in rough shape - Photo via Angela Keppel - @akepps

Downtown was in rough shape – Photo via Angela Keppel – @akepps

All of this leaves us scratching our heads? If schools are so concerned about child safety, then why make them stand in the cold for an hour, with no probability of a bus even coming? The schools seemed more concerned with getting children there to bolster their attendance numbers, instead of worrying about the things that matter, like whether or not they can safely make it there!

This is the second time that we have called out Dr. Ogilvie. Our first article was just a passing mention, but this time we feel the blame rests solely on his shoulders. After our first article we asked Dr. Ogilvie for a comment on his twitter account, which had not been used since he worked for Erie I Boces. The account is no longer active, probably for the best, as he would be subject to some harsh comments in all likelihood on a day like today. Still if one was grading the Superintendent today, he certainly would have gotten an F!

If you’d like to voice your displeasure with how the Buffalo School Superintendent handled todays events, we implore you to give him a call at 716-816-3575. Hopefully you will have better luck! 


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