What Would Buffalo Be Like Had Norwood Made That Field Goal?

What Would Buffalo Be Like Had Norwood Made That Field Goal?.

In 1991 I was a twelve year old boy watching my Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl, who had steamrolled through much of the NFL that season, finishing with a 13-3 Regular Season record, and blew through the playoffs beating the then Los Angeles Raiders 51-3 in the AFC Championship. The Super Bowl had been a tense game between the NY Giants and those Bills, with the Giants dominating time of possession and keeping the high scoring Bills off the field for most of the game. In the end the game came down to a 47 yard Field Goal attempt by Scott Norwood, and in case you don’t know how it played out, look up the words “Wide Right”, or check out the title of the blog.
At the time of that Super Bowl run, and thesubsequent three more forgettable runs to the Super Bowl, the city of Buffalo was at a real crossroads. Poverty in Buffalo in 1990, was around 25% of the population, meaning one in four residents was living around the Poverty rate at that time. Click here to view the rest……..



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