Buffalo Bills: Bills just got Sexy; as in Rexy!

Rex looks good in Bills Blue! - Photo via Steve Catalano @BrandedBuffalo

Rex looks good in Bills Blue! – Photo via Steve Catalano @BrandedBuffalo

Looks like the Bills head coaching search may be coming to an end. It seems their front runner is Rex Ryan as they’ve brought him back for a second interview. If reports are correct, they have extended an offer to him as well. I love this if it happens. The Bills will finally get a REAL coach for the first time in 15 years! Rex brings a swagger and attitude the likes the Bills have never seen. We’ve spent the last 15 years with inexperienced nobodies who sound like a corporate robot and look where we’ve gone; nowhere. I feel we’re a team on the cusp of the Playoffs and with Rex we may have just broken through that glass ceiling we’ve been stuck under for almost two decades. Why do I love Rex Ryan so? Let me count the ways!

The son of NFL Coach Buddy Ryan, who didn't take shit from anyone! - Photo via www.nfl.com

The son of NFL Coach Buddy Ryan, who didn’t take shit from anyone! – Photo via http://www.nfl.com

  1. Rex coaches confidence in his players. He wants and expects them to make plays. If they make a mistake he expects the other phases of the team to step up whether that’s the defense after an offensive turnover or special teams after a three and out deep in their own territory. Rex coaches to win games instead of the typical Bills coaching style of how not to lose games. We’re sick of coaches who neuter our players and turn them into cowards who play scared of making a mistake. I want a coach who knows what it takes to win and instills that in their players.
  2. Rex is famous for great defenses and the Bills have one of the best. The defense took huge strides under Mike Pettine and when he left, we were all worried it would regress. It actually got better under Schwartz so imagine what it could be under Rex Ryan. I like Schwartz and I hope Rex keeps him, but I’m not concerned if he chooses to bring in his own guys.
  3. Rex is hands off when it comes to the offense, something we all wish Marrone would have been. Most of the year I blamed Hackett for horrible play calling, but now it seems it was Marrone who handcuffed him. I kind of want to see what Hackett can do if not restricted by the coach, but I won’t be sad either if he’s replaced. Whomever, it’s better to have experience and better to be good at game management. The rumor is that Marc Trestman or Greg Roman has teamed up with Ryan as a package deal. He was a good OC, but a horrible HC but maybe he can right the ship here in Buffalo. Rex still needs a QB, but he may be able to work with EJ in the short term. Rex won’t be telling EJ what not to do every second and instead be encouraging him. A good coach enables his players instead of damaging them. An outcome we’re too familiar with in Buffalo.
  4. Rex isn’t the best game manager. Rex isn’t the most knowledgeable. He’s not the most creative or risky, but he will get 110% out of every one of his players, game in and game out. You won’t see any magical three Tight-end game plan in the most important game of the season. You won’t see punting from the 39 yard line when down by 2 touchdowns. He will have some head scratching decisions and some laughable moments but he’ll win.
These are really our greatest moments of the last 15 years???

These are really our greatest moments of the last 15 years???

I can’t describe the excitement, but I’ve only felt this way two other times; when we signed TO and Mario. Those were two of the biggest names in Free Agency those years and I remember thinking we need to sign these guys to break the stigma that superstars don’t come to Buffalo. I feel that stigma still lingers over the coaching position. I think that stigma finally dies if Rex is hired. For too long when big name coaches were available, as a fan, I knew there was no way they were coming here. Then Terry and Kim Pegula took over and I had a feeling anything was possible. If they land Rex then we’ll know anything is possible. I can’t wait to see what happens in the off-season. 2015 will see the end of the longest playoff drought in the NFL and it’ll be thanks to Rex Ryan. The statues should and will be created in his honor! He’ll change the jersey color his wife is wearing on his tattoo and every girl in Buffalo will wear open toe shoes in his honor. Ok Bills fans ARE YOU READY? In the famous words of one of his ex-players; CAN’T WAIT!

By: Jason Sins


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One Comment on “Buffalo Bills: Bills just got Sexy; as in Rexy!”

  1. joseph14209 January 11, 2015 at 7:50 pm #

    Rex has done nothing but lose his job with the jets, he has some personality but is not the answer in Buffalo

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