Charlie Hebdo: Sorry. Not Sorry.

Our Writer Erik Wollschlager’s Take On The Recent Tragedy In Paris, & How It Affects Us ALL!


It has been a few days since the attack on Charlie Hedo. If you’re not familiar, Charlie Hebdo is not a person, but a French magazine. Charlie Hebdo specializes in satire – a decidedly left-leaning brand of satire. The satire is not aimed at any single target, really; it is written/drawn from a largely anti-fundamentalist standpoint. It’s pretty much a Cracked Magazine for more ‘mature’ adults. It is meant to shock. It is meant to disturb. It is designed precisely to point out the silliness of fundamentalism; the completely illogical viewpoint that the world can be seen from only one perspective, and anyone unwilling to adopt that perspective is unequivocally wrong – an error that, quite ridiculously, can be fatal.

Charlie Hebdo - Cracked, for big kids.  Photo from Charlie Hebdo – Cracked, for big kids. Photo from

For us in the West to pretend that fundamentalism doesn’t exist here is humiliating beyond belief. For us to stand…

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