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There’s nothing better than seeing the magic that is Christmas being experienced by a child. We had our first child in 2011 and he was only a few months old by that Christmas. It was still a special Christmas but he obviously had no clue what was going on. It was a special Christmas for my Wife and I as it was our first as a real family. The Following year was much the same, Rohan was a few months past 1 and enjoyed tearing wrapping paper and playing with empty boxes more than any of the presents Santa had brought him.

The following year our family had expanded. We welcomed Gavin to the world and we now had a 6 month old and a 2 year old. Rohan was a little more excited by the presents but still not quite into it. My wife and I were just beat down by life with work and 2 young kids only 20 months apart. The idea of having to travel around on Christmas to see family made the Holidays suddenly seem more like work rather than enjoyable. With both parents divorced and her family in Rochester, there was too much to do and not enough time to do it in. Especially while lugging two small kids around! Christmas is my favorite holiday so I was very surprised by my lackadaisical feelings that year. I thought perhaps the magic of Christmas had finally faded after 31 years.

DSC_0521This year however was different. Rohan had really grown up. There’s quite the difference between 2 and 3 years of age. His excitement over Santa, Christmas Trees and Christmas lights was rubbing off and I could feel the twinkle of Christmas magic returning. The green Christmas dampened spirits; Rohan and I were very disappointed. That lackluster feeling vanished as soon as Rohan woke Christmas morning, looked at the tree with presents underneath and said “What the heck? Momma, Daddy, Santa came”! Followed by the instantaneous sound of trying to tear open presents! We were able to stop him momentarily until the smallest present caught his eye. He hands it to my wife and says “this one is for Gavin” and he headed toward the largest present under the tree!

My wife does an amazing job re-purposing toys. She’ll buy used toys in good shape for the boys and sell off ones they are either tired of or out grew. At first I didn’t like the idea of used toys for Christmas but as I watched their faces unwrap used but new toys to them I could see they didn’t care if it was in a box or not. They could care less if it was from a store of second hand. It was a toy of whatever they were into at that time and they could play with it!

This was my favorite Christmas in a long time. Normally, unless Christmas falls on the weekend, it’s horrible. I usually have to work right up till Christmas which means rushing Christmas Eve and stay up late preparing Christmas morning. Christmas morning rushed by as well with all the traveling we have to do. Its home late and up early for work the next day.

Work let us go home early Christmas Eve and I took Friday off. Even though it was just a few hours early Christmas Eve it made the evening feel extra-long. My dad and his wife came over to celebrate with the kids. We watched a Christmas movie and drank hot cocoa. I read the boys twas the night before Christmas and they were off to bed. Rohan was so excited he couldn’t sleep!

Christmas Day Gavin woke at 6am and we waited for Rohan to get up to open gifts. The last present was opened around 8:30am and my Wife and I began assembling and adding batteries to everything! We probably spent a good 4 hours just setting things up and playing with the boys..It was the best and longest 4 hours I’ve experienced as an adult. Time usually flies by but didn’t on this day.


We headed to Rochester around 2pm. Gavin, who is generally super clingy, was interacting with others and didn’t need the constant care of Mom and Dad. It was a nice relaxing visit with her family. I was just amazed at how slow the day seemed to go; It was a great feeling. Being off Friday allowed me to spread out visits. I took the kids to my mom’s house for their third Christmas Friday morning! My wife worked Christmas night so I’m sure she appreciated the kids and I being gone so she could sleep. She met us around noon and we had an amazing lunch; lasagna and my mom’s world’s best best chocolate cake. We left Gavin to spend the night and headed back to Rochester for a family bowling night.

Rohan bowled his little heart out! He must have rolled that 7 pound ball 200 times over 2 ½ hours! He stayed up way past his bedtime, laughed a lot and ate too many French fries but man did he have a blast. Without the added responsibility of Gavin, My wife and I could mingle, talk and laugh like we haven’t been able to do for years when out with both kids. Saturday was spent in PJ’s playing with the kids. I even got to take an afternoon nap with my wife! I can’t remember the last time we did that!

This Christmas was just awesome and it had nothing to do with what I got for Christmas. Rohan’s the perfect age now. I finally get to experience all those things I’ve looked forward to for years. From the moment we found out we were pregnant to seeing the first ultrasound. I couldn’t wait for these types of Christmases. It was the perfect Holiday weekend filled with little moments that made this Christmas extra special. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone! See you all right here next year!

By: @BuffaloDad716


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