So Long, St. Doug!

New Years Eve brought me wonderful news! Doug Marrone opted out of his contract! Even though the Bills ended up 9-7, the season was still bad. It was marred by horrible game and personnel decisions by Marrone. I think we gave him a little bit of a break last year because of the QB situation, but this year there were no excuses. They chose not to do anything about the QB play in the off-season saying they were happy with the guys they had, yet by the end of preseason, Thad Lewis and Jeff Tuel were off the team and Orton was signed. The Bills looked horrible in the preseason with the first team offense not scoring a touchdown. By week 5 EJ was benched in favor of Orton. This coaching staff on the offensive side was good at going backwards as far as progress. They took the league leading rushing attack from 2012 and turned into into a league worst. Then turned EJ Manuel from a dual threat QB to a scared check down QB. They ran an option offense where the QB never took the option to run the ball! We watched EJ constantly avoid contact and slide or run out of bounds well before anyone would hit him. Marrone admitted to telling EJ to protect himself. You might say it was the player but they did the same thing to Orton. After a lot of turnovers in back-to-back weeks he went from gunning the ball down field to Captain Check-down, Jr. Look at Orton in the first five games; then watch him after Doug says they are going to work on stopping the turnovers. It’s like watching two totally different QBs. The Bills added five new offensive lineman via free agency and draft, yet the line is the worst it’s been in five years. Fans are actually calling for the return of Chan and Fitz to see what they can do with all the talent on this team. Fitz turned a 7th round pick into a three time 1,000-yard receiver! Imagine what he could do with Watkins.

The in-game decision making was Doug’s Achilles Heel! The constant punting on 4th and short when around the opponents 40. Then when they finally tried to go for it, the play called was just atrocious. Keeping a kick off specialist on a team that has a really good special teams unit while Mike Williams was on the practice squad. Always punting the ball back to the other team when down in the 4th quarter with limited time left. It was the old Dick Jauron coaching style of Coaching not to lose a game instead of coaching to win a game.

Marrone capped off his impeccably bad coaching season by admitting he didn’t know Jerry Hughes barely played in the must-win Denver game. The Mike Williams debacle finally ended when they placed him on injured reserve and then cut him. As if those weren’t bad enough, he decided to start Kyle Orton over EJ Manuel in the finale knowing they would face New England’s scrubs. Even Sammy Watkins got shafted. They traded up for the guy and then never used him. The guy needed 18 yards in the second half of the Patriots game to get to 1,000 and they never made the effort to get him the ball. He was targeted twice while being covered by a nobody.

Sometimes people are just in over their heads and it was plain to see Marrone doesn’t have what it takes to be a lead dog. It was like watching Mike Mularkey all over again. As a fan I feel cheated as I was sold a bill of goods and expectations of exactly what I wanted but what I got was exactly what I didn’t want: Dick Jauron version 2.0. So thanks Doug for the nine wins, I guess. I’m just glad you won’t be at the helm next year. Maybe the opt-out was a nice way to avoid being fired. We will never know what the Pegula’s said behind closed doors, but they do have an ear to the fans. It excites me to think about who they could bring in! If its anything like the Sabres, then anything is possible. With guys like Bill Polian and Frank Reich out there as candidates for open positions 2015 is shaping up very very nicely for the Bills!

By: Jason Sins (One hell of a happy Bills fan right now!)


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