Last-Minute Gifts For Her ($15 & Under)


Photos courtesy of: Bath & Body Works, Target, Forever 21 and Ulta

Christmas is less than a week away, which means most of your Christmas shopping is done. But, for the few stragglers who need last-minute gift ideas for a sister or younger cousin, I got you covered. Are you worried about spending too much money? Fear not! These six suggestions are $15 or less. You’ll be sure to make your loved ones happy without breaking the bank.

1. Bath & Body Works mini set ($15): Bath & Body Works offers many scent options to appeal to a variety of people. Included in this gift is the ultra lathering shower gel, hydrating body lotion and fragrance mist (3 fl oz each).

2. Starbucks gift card: ($15): Even if your recipient doesn’t like coffee or tea, there are other options available (cake pops, anyone?) Let’s be honest, we all love Starbucks, but it’s hard to spend $5 on a holiday drink. Your friend/sister/cousin will thank you.

3. Cell phone wallet ($12.90): Cell phones are an inevitable item in this century. This wallet will hold credit cards, license, money and a phone. It’s the perfect gift for a high school/college student. If you want to add to this gift, buy different gift cards and put them in the wallet.

4. EOS trio ($5.99): EOS came out with their 2014 holiday edition of lip balms. Each pack includes three limited edition flavors: Indian Summer: Orange Blossom, Aloha Hawaii: Strawberry Kiwi and St. Barth’s Sunrise: Pink Grapefruit. They are certified organic and they leave lips perfectly smooth.

5. Hair ties ($2.80): I love these hair ties from Forever 21 because they don’t leave creases in your hair. Essentially, it’s the gift that keeps on giving if you’re a girl. And any girl will tell you that they probably lose hair ties regularly, so this is the perfect gift..

6. Journal ($6.99): I always encourage writing whether it’s through making lists, writing a diary or writing a gratitude journal. Keeping a journal is a great way to unwind when life gets busy, which is perfect for a young adult or college student. And if your recipient doesn’t write, they can always use this for school notes. A journal with a charming design will make the gift less school-orientated.



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