Buffalo Bills Week 15: The Pack Sent Packing!

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I’m going to start off by saying how we all feel; O.M.F-ing.G! The Bills beat the Green Bay Packers! Aaron Rodgers, who is by far the best QB in the league this year, had the worst day of his career on Sunday. Let that sink in for a moment… Rodgers, who is probably a future hall of fame QB and one of the most accurate passers ever in the NFL, had stats that looked like he should have been quarterbacking the Bills. There was a point at which Rodgers was 6 of 20 for 30 yards! He finished 17 of 42 for 185 yards, 0 TDs and 2 interceptions! To put that into perspective, Rodgers had thrown for 1,580 yards, 6TDs and 0 INTs in his last 5 games. The last time Rodgers failed to throw a TD in a game was 2012! That’s two consecutive weeks our defense ended long TD streaks for hall of fame caliber QBs. So how did the Bills do it?

Newly acquired Bacarri Rambo had 2 pics on the day! - Photo via www.syracuse.com

Newly acquired Bacarri Rambo had 2 pics on the day! – Photo via http://www.syracuse.com

I know Jordy Nelson dropped a possible 94-yard TD. I know Aaron Rodgers didn’t see a wide open Nelson running down the side lines on one of the Rambo interceptions. I also know our offense is horrible and couldn’t score in the red zone against a high school defense. However, the Bills were still able to pull off a win by kicking four field goals, getting a punt return for a TD, a blocked field goal and a safety by Mario Williams. The heroes of the day were named Super Mario and Rambo! It was like being back in the 90’s all over again! Nothing is over, nothing; when you have Rambo on your team! Sorry, but our playoff chances are in another castle! Ok, horrible puns are over!

Newly acquired Bacarri Rambo intercepted Rodgers twice. Rodgers had only thrown three picks all season, and his last interception was October 26th! One of his interceptions was a nice play on the ball. The other was Rodgers staring down his receiver and not seeing a wide open Jordy Nelson. The defense did a great job with just a four-man rush, which allowed the DC Schwartz to drop a lot of guys into coverage to shut down the passing game. The Packers came out running in the first quarter since we were focusing on the pass. Eddie Lacy was destroying the Bills and almost had 100 yards in the first quarter alone! For some reason the Packers just stopped pounding the ball with Lacy and went into pass mode. Lacy ran 13 times in the first quarter and only 12 more times the rest of the game. I’m not complaining, but that was obviously a mistake by the Green Bay coaching staff.

Kyle Orton struggled again! - Photo via Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Orton struggled again! – Photo via Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Bills offense was pitiful, gaining only 13 first downs and not converting a 3rd down until late in the 2nd half. The Bills came out in the 2nd half running the ball. They ran nine consecutive times making me think they were pulling a Rex Ryan by just refusing to have their QB throw the ball. The Bills would use the run game to get into scoring position but then go to the air to try and score. Orton couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn Sunday but they kept having him throw the rock in the red zone.

The only touchdown the Bills were able to muster was a great 75-yard punt return by another new comer Marcus Thigpen. With CJ Spiller and Leodis McKelvin out, the Bills were forced to find a new returner and found Thigpen about a month ago.One thing I like about Doug Whaley is that he’s able to find good depth guys. Even at the QB position, even though we are relying on them to start, all of our QB’s make excellent backups! You just don’t want them to have to play for an extended period of time.

This was a huge win for the Bills, but it may be bittersweet. If the Bills could have beaten just one other AFC team (namely the Chiefs) we would have the wild card all but locked up and quite possibly be guaranteed a playoff spot when we face the Patriots in week 17. Instead, the Bills need to win out, which means winning in New England which we have never done since they moved to the new stadium in 2001. We also need everyone from the AFC North to lose their next two games along with the Charges and Chiefs to lose. There are also 100 different scenarios outside of the simplest one I just mentioned where they make the playoffs. Unfortunately, there’s also a scenario that could have the Bills out of the playoff picture before kickoff against the Raiders Sunday afternoon as there are Saturday night games this week and meaningful early Sunday afternoon games.

Could RG3 be the answer? - Photo via www.rivercitysportsblog.com

Could RG3 be the answer? – Photo via http://www.rivercitysportsblog.com

No matter what the outcome is, this has been the first winning season in 10 years! Also the first season in 10 years we made it past November legit contenders for a playoff spot. If only we had a QB…

Well, there you have it, Bills fans. What do you think of last week? How good is the Bills D? Is it the best Bills D ever? Are we making the playoffs? As always, leave your comments here, and make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter @wgoinbuffalo and @jasonsins. Also be sure to tune in next week; same Buffalo time, same Buffalo channel!

By: Jason Sins (@jasonsins)


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