Beauty Gifts For Her (under $30)


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With Christmas approaching, holiday shopping can be difficult, especially if you’re shopping for a daughter, sister, cousin or girlfriend. If you have a relative who is a beauty-lover, here are some gift suggestions if you’re struggling for last-minute gift ideas.

1. The original beautyblender and cleanser duo: $25 from Sephora.

What is it?: The beautyblender ensures streak-free application with minimum product waste. Use it to apply primers, foundations, powders and cream blushes. The cleanser removes excess residue for clean makeup application.

Why does it make a great gift?: The beautyblender will create a flawless look when applying everyday makeup. If you have a girl in your life who uses any face products (listed above) this is a great application tool. The longevity of the blender is also a bang for your buck.


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2. Flash tattoos: $22 from Sephora.

What is it?: A set of fashionable jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos, which last around four to six days.

Why does it make a great gift?: Flash tattoos became very popular in late summer, early fall. Instead of jewelry, flash tattoos bring a bohemian vibe to a girl’s day-to-day looks. It’s an eclectic way to accessorize and will be a unique gift for any girl.

3. Surf Set by Bumble and bumble: $28 from Sephora.

What is it?: A three-piece set to achieve beautiful waves. Contains: Surf Foam Wash Shampoo, Surf Creme Rinse Conditioner and Surf Spray.

Why does it make a great gift?: Who says you can’t achieve summer locks in wintertime? For the girl who wants to achieve effortless up-dos or relaxed, beach waves, this gift set will be sure to accomplish a girl’s go-to hair style.

4. Naked2 Basics Palette: $29 from Sephora.

What is it?: A girl’s go-to, everyday eyeshadow palette, which features six matte neutrals including five new shades.

Why does it make a great gift?:
Every girl needs an eyeshadow palette that has neutral shades. This palette will get great use for any beauty lover. Colors included: Skimp (pale nude satin), Stark (nude-pink matte), Frisk (warm gray matte), Cover (muted red-brown matte), Primal (muted brown matte) and Undone (deep, smoky brown matte).


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