Buffalo Gets Icy!

Photo via the Buffalo News!

Photo via the Buffalo News!

Something special is going on in Buffalo this week, and it immediately caught my eye when I began to read about it. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to write and inform every Buffalonian about this exciting new development.

In my previous post, I discussed the history of Buffalo’s Memorial Auditorium. Coincidently, I have been seeing a lot of news recently about a new 37,000-square-foot ice skating rink that has been placed on the exact site where the Aud one stood. It’s a very unique ice rink because skaters will be standing on the same ice that the former Sabres greats played on, such as the French Connection, Pat LaFontaine, etc.

You can stand at the actual spot where the Aud's Center Ice was! Via @Canalside via twitter

You can stand at the actual spot where the Aud’s Center Ice was! Via @Canalside via twitter

Skating will open at 5 p.m. on Thursday, December 18th. It’s $5 to skate, $3 for kids 6-12 and $3 to rent skates. Free skate will be offered from 6:15-9 p.m. Near the site, people are able to walk over the Lloyd Street, Commercial Street and Lake Street bridges, or skate underneath them. In true Buffalo fashion, food trucks are expected to be coming to the site soon. There will be curling, broom ball, figure skating and events every Thursday during the winter (similar to having events every Thursday at the Harbor during the summer).

Photo via buffalorising.com

Photo via buffalorising.com

From what I have read, a lot of hard work has gone into this rink, and it is supposed to be absolutely amazing. It has been a work in progress for years, and it is exciting to know that the opening is only days away. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this cool new feature down by the Harbor, and to support Buffalo’s ongoing growth. The development down by the Erie Canal is becoming more prominent and noticeable everyday, and it’s wonderful to see how far it has come. Yay for Buffalo progress!

With the new HARBORCENTER thriving and this ice rink being put in, downtown Buffalo is sure to get a lot of traffic. Our city truly is becoming one Buffalo, and I look forward to trying the rink out for myself.

Here is a video of the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. president talking about the ice rink:



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