Great Job Mayor Brown! #NotReally

Roads were a standstill! Photo via ‏@BuffaloConnie

Roads were a standstill! Photo via ‏@BuffaloConnie

When I awoke this morning, I was amazed to see that 6-8 inches of fresh snow had fallen in North Buffalo. The snow didn’t exactly amaze me as much as the fact that a Weatherman was on target. They said between 4-8 inches by Friday morning, and I’ll be damned if they were not right for once.

;ess than 3 weeks ago we were hit by a huge snowstorm. - Photo via

;ess than 3 weeks ago we were hit by a huge snowstorm. – Photo via

Amazement quickly shifted to dismay as a normal 10 minute ride to pickup my wife from work, turned into a ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE! The roads were in terrible shape, traffic moving at a stand still, and a major corridor of the 198 looked like a war zone. The I-190 spilt at the end of the 198 was a joke, cars spilled everywhere, and not a police officer to be seen. It was no better once I got into the Downtown area, and was happy to get home.

When I did though problem #2 arose. Buffalo Public Schools had not closed, and the shift to get my son out the door to catch his bus began. We made it outside in time to catch the bus, or SO I THOUGHT! Over forty minutes of standing in the snow and cold, made me decide enough is enough! In the car he went and so began another shitty trip on roads that looked as if they hadn’t been touched at all!

In all seriousness though, they hadn’t!

He loves a photo op!  - Photo via

He loves a photo op! – Photo via

Now I realize that Winter Weather is a part of our culture here in Buffalo, but for the love of God, we just had 7-10 feet of snow two weeks ago! On top of that we have 8 new plows that the Mayor has touted as helping keep things under control. We handled that much better than this catastrophe.

If I hadn’t had a car or being a work from home dad, this could have been even worse. Not every parent can do what I could, and lots of kids were standing at bus stops for over 30-60 minutes in sub freezing temperatures waiting for their bus! Schools should have alerted parents, or perhaps our esteemed Mayor (Only when a TV crew is around) could have stepped up here. This was a total failure by The City Of Buffalo as well as the Buffalo Public School’s.

Feel free to contact our esteemed Mayor Brown on twitter or his facebook page and call the 311 line to voice your displeasure. And lets not forget our school superintendent too! Contact Donald Ogilvie at 716-816-3575. Let them know what you thought of todays mess!




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  1. Give Dr. Ogilvie an F! | What's Going On In Buffalo? Find Out! - February 2, 2015

    […] This isn’t the first time we’ve been critical of Dr. Ogilvie, but it seems to be incredibly justified on a day like today. A snowstorm crippled morning commuters, and in some cases has left children stranded at bus stops for prolonged periods of time as the weather deteriorated around the area. With more than a foot of snow, and whiteout conditions, somehow schools remained open. Yes we lost multiple days due to the November storm that shut down Buffalo schools until after Thanksgiving in some cases, but why would you put children, as well as teachers who commute to work in these dangerous conditions? […]

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