Buffalo Bills Week 12 Review: We’re not in Buffalo Anymore?


Scott Chandler shovel1.jpg

Scott Chandler had a new dance craze called “The Shovel”


Week 12 of the NFL season was a tough one for the Southtowns here in WNY. Tuesday and Wednesday brought 5 to 10 feet of snow and buried the Ralph in 220,000 pounds of snow! Obviously, with citizens in dire need of assistance, the Bills stadium cleanup was the last thing to worry about. Friday it was announced the game would be relocated to Ford Field in Detroit and moved to a prime time Monday night time slot! The Bills get back-to-back prime time games? It would figure the only way that would happen was literally an act of God! Getting out of Buffalo would prove challenging as players had to be picked up on snow mobiles and taken to buses headed to the airport! It was hard for players to leave friends and family in such conditions, but they made up for it with their performance. After a tough two weeks — losing to the Chiefs then Dolphins — the Bills were looking to get back to winning as they faced the Jets for the second time this season. Would this be another dominant game? Or would this be a typical November snow job by the Bills? Get ready Bills nation because here we go!


Over 8 feet of snow made the Ralph unplayable. – Photo via http://www.wcvb.com

Even though the game was in Detroit, the stadium was filled with Bills backers. This still had a home field experience, and the Bills noticed and came out fired up! The Jets received first but went three-and-out. Robert Woods had a career day and put on quite the show! On the opening drive there were two awesome catches: a great catch on a back shoulder throw to get into the red zone and another great adjustment in the back of the end zone for a touchdown! The Jets’ only scoring drive came on a great punt return by wide receiver Jeremy Kerley. He fielded the ball at the 16 and returned it all the way to the 37 of the Bills. Manny Lawson made a great play, chasing Kerley for 30 yards, making the tackle, and preventing him from returning it for a touchdown! Manny Lawson is a LB/DE for those who may not know, so it’s pretty damn impressive he was able to run down Kerley. Mario Williams decided to take over the game. He pretty much single-handedly stopped that drive and forced the field goal. Williams sacked Vick on first down, tackled him for no gain on a QB keeper, and pressured Vick into a bad throw into the end zone, which Corey Graham almost picked off.


Michael Vick was under pressure all day! – Photo via http://www.nj.com

That would be the last time the Jets would even sniff another score! The Bills defense was just amazing. The Jets were only able to muster 218 total yards (165 passing and 92 rushing). The Bills knocked Vick out of the game and Geno Smith didn’t do much better. The Jets only converted 3 of 15 3rd downs and had 11 first downs. The defense recorded seven sacks for a total of 39 yards lost. The Bills offense, however, was pretty damn good, gaining 336 yards of total offense (230 passing and 116 rushing). Robert Woods, Scott Chandler, Boobie Dixon and Fred Jackson all found the end zone. Boobie Dixon was special team’s player of the week as he blocked a punt that Manny Lawson recovered in the end zone for a touchdown! And Dan Carpenter only kicked one field goal! Coach Marrone actual went for it on a 4th and 1 at the 44-yard line! Even though he went all Jumbo package and failed to get it instead of spreading out the field and running a better play, it’s still progress!


Robert Woods had 4 highlight style catches. – Photo via scores.espn.go.com

Robert Woods channeled his inner Odell Beckham (Or Ledell Beckham as Sully Wolcox said on the broadcast). Woods had his left arm held by a defender as he ran down the side line yet somehow caught the ball with one hand, got two feet down, and secured the ball against his helmet before being pushed out of bounds! Woods ended up with 100 yards receiving for the first time in his career. His stat line was 9 catches for 118 and a TD. Boobie Dixon sealed the game with a nice 30-yard run as he broke tackles and headed to the house.

The Bills definitely gave us something to shout about on Monday night. Many of us tired from days of digging out from relentless snow were able to relax and enjoy a perfect game. There’s seriously not one thing I can pull out to complain about. The game had big plays: lots of sacks, a blocked punt, a defensive touchdown, and a 4th -and-short attempt. It even some comedy: Kyle Orton scrambling for a first down and his face after were hilarious! It was by far the most enjoyable game I’ve watched in a long time. I don’t think I yelled at my TV once, but I did have a smile on my face the whole time!


Ford Field was transformed into the Ralph for one day. – Photo via http://www.mlive.com

Playing at Ford field was nice and maybe a glimpse of what we can expect if we get a dome stadium in the future. The Bills definitely looked like a dome team. Thank you, Detroit, for letting us test drive your stadium! They even had the Bills logo and name down on the field, so it looked legit (until you saw the lions banners on the walls).

Well, there you have it Bills Nation, a great win that the Bills desperately needed. At 6-5 the Bills have yet to be under .500 for the first time in many years! If they can beat the Browns and upset the Broncos or Packers, anything is possible. That game at New England could shape up to be a win-and-in type game like in 2004 against the Steelers! There’s still a lot of fight in these cardiac kids! Until next time, Bills Nation! Same Bills Time, same Bills channel!


By Jason Sins


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One Comment on “Buffalo Bills Week 12 Review: We’re not in Buffalo Anymore?”

  1. Net Appenheimer December 3, 2014 at 4:37 pm #

    The snow was insane but that didn’t stop us. Go Bills!!

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