Three trends we can learn from Taylor Swift


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Taylor Swift is known for her fun, inspiring music, but she should also get credit for her trendy and fashion-forward sense of style. Here are three trends Taylor Swift should inspire us to wear on a regular basis.

Black on Black:

  • Black is a staple color that every woman should own in her closet. It’s classic, simple and can be worn for any occasion during any season. Taylor Swift knows how to wear this color perfectly. She has also mastered the art of all-black attire, which can bring a dramatic element to your look for the day. If you’re looking to try a striking outfit, layer on black clothing and take on the day with confidence. Bonus points if you add a bold, red lipstick for more drama.

Bold Outerwear:

  • With bone-chilling, Buffalo winters ahead, it’s important to have a closet filled with a variety of outerwear. Sometimes, your coat can act as the focal point for an outfit. It’s nice to have a neutral-colored coat on hand, but make sure you have coats with a bold color or have a unique pattern. Taylor Swift has this trend down perfectly. It can be simple like a bright coat layered over a sweater and leggings. Here is a great option of an inexpensive, bold-colored coat from Forever 21.

Classic and Chic:

  • Another concept that Taylor Swift has mastered is classic and chic style. She knows how to pair pieces together that bring out a sense of sophistication and elegance, which are two elements that every woman should know how to apply by wearing the right outfit. A great way to complete this is by having some staple items in your closet such as: a tailored blazer, a button-down shirt, a pair of chinos and heels. With these clothes in your closet, you can achieve the same look as T. Swift.

Do you look to Taylor Swift for fashion inspiration? If you do, make sure to leave pictures of what outfits and trends you love on her or tweet them at @BlissBrunette on Twitter.


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