Snowmaggedon 2014 – What did Buffalo learn from all this?

snowvember 2

This about sums it up!


So here it is, folks. We have reached the end. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Just when the very fabric of reality seemed to fray, we’ve returned to some semblance of reality. We’re no longer rodents in a habitrail of snow. We’re no longer prisoners to the ice bars that hung thick from our roofs. Bans have been lifted. Bands have moved on. Western New York has toughed out another storm, the way that no other region does.

There are some things to remind ourselves of as we break the plane into the snowstorm end zone. This week brings Thanksgiving, and the kick-off of the holiday season, so let’s keep in mind some of the lessons we’ve learned over the

Family - To Hell and Back.

Family – To Hell and Back.

1.) Your family is amazing. Their strength is incredible. They have weathered this storm by your side – this is a badge of honor you all should wear proudly. At times over the past six days you may have regarded them as cellmates. Perhaps even future victims in your Shining-like meltdown. But, the next morning, when you stumbled back in, numb in every extremity from hours of shoveling, they’d have the coffee waiting for you. They’d sit on the couch and enjoy X-Men movie marathons. They’d scream their fool heads off over a stolen crayon, but in the end, there is no one you’d rather go through this hell with.

Other people are cool, too.

Other people are cool, too.

2.) These are other people. Some of them can be intolerable. Some can be petulant, stand-offish, angry, belligerent, and snarky. Some are Bruins fans. Some are Patriots fans. But most are just like you, and in times of need, we learn all over again, that we really are, and always have been OneBuffalo. I have never been so proud to be a member of this community, and it is to my detriment that I was unable to join the shovel brigades that travelled neighborhoods, aiding those who were in trouble.

3.) This is a grocery store. It has ALL of the food. While you’re there next time, pick up a few extra cans of this, or boxes of this. Frozen pizzas. Chicken Wings. All of the great Buffalo foods that you might miss if you’re locked down for six days sometime. And grab some extra beyond that, in case your neighbor might need a reminder that pizza is awesome.

PIZZA!  Thanks, Mineo's!

PIZZA! Thanks, Mineo’s!

4.) This is pizza, from the local shop Mineo’s South. It is awesome. It is the first thing my family did when we were able to roam the streets on Saturday night. Several area businesses opened up to service the community during the storm, and it was a great reminder how lucky we are to have such great Buffalo establishments – owned and operated by Buffalonians who understand how much it means to people to be able to grab a beer or a slice. Shop local. Support those that support you.

No need to be rude when you're on the road.

No need to be rude when you’re on the road.

5.) This is a road. When you’re on one, you’re taking a lot of other people’s lives in your hands, as well as your own, so be smart. Drive safe. Be kind. We’re all in this together, and barring some crazy high-speed chase going the wrong way down the highway, we’re all pretty much heading in the same direction. Cutting off that guy didn’t save you any more than a couple of seconds. Riding that Prius’ bumper because they’re not moving fast enough for you isn’t doing you any good. And, for the love of everything holy, when you hear about these pending storms, get off the road. I know it’s important to be home with your loved ones, but better a couple days late and in one piece.

So that’s it. My Snowvember/Snowmaggeddon/Winter Storm Knife coverage has come to an end. I got some amazing feedback from these pieces, and it meant a lot to me – at a time when we were feeling very isolated, there was also a sign that we were united. Next time you’re in the Tim Horton’s drive through, and you see a plow guy, or a police officer, or an EMT, or nurse, or, hell, anyone – buy their coffee. Buy their doughnut.  Say thanks. A lot of people have worked around the clock to make sure we were as safe as they could ensure. We owe them more than that, so show them some real Buffalove.

Checkout our Facebook page to see some of the crazy photo’s we found that people took during the storm! –



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