For Whom The Shovel Falls – Buffalo Snowmaggedon Day 3 & Final Day Before The Flood!


Left to Right: Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday 2nd clearing, Thursday and 3rd clearing.

South Buffalo: 

I’m beginning to feel like Bill Murray, which, in most instances, would be particularly awesome – I don’t think anyone would argue that that dude rules. In this instance, though, it is decidedly not good. I apologize for the redundancy of today’s update – I know you’ve read this before. I know, because I’ve written this before. I’ve written this before because these last three days have been eerily similar in most ways.

I tried to reach the garage.  The body was unwilling.

I tried to reach the garage. The body was unwilling.

My alarm rang once again at 5:05. I looked out the window to find that, while it hadn’t snowed more than another six inches last night, my street was still under more than five feet. The van I had dug out twice was buried again – not as badly as before, but enough to make me groan. Same for the driveway. I call into the office to let them know that they’d be missing my smiling face once again.

At some point in the night, my son had joined us again, which means I was on the couch. At about 6:10, he woke me to declare he was going to sleep in his bed. This was possibly the best news I’ve received since this ordeal started. I slink back to my bed and grab a 90 minute nap before I prepare to face the inevitable.

I emerge once again into the blanketed driveway, and begin to toss the snow back up the mountains I’ve built on either side of my driveway, which is a feat of engineering that I didn’t know I was capable of. The hills are nearly 8’ high, and so my 5’4” body is working extra hard to get that snow up. I clear the driveway and the van, and begin to shovel out a path toward the garage in the back yard. After two hours, I quit. My arms are like noodles. My hands are permanently curled around the shovel handle. My shoulders hurt, my back hurts; I am just exhausted. I think back to those who would shovel for 8-10 hours a day; my ancestors who were workmen by trade, and I am ashamed. I drag my shameful body upstairs.

Games with the family - bellies full, bodies warm.  We have been very lucky.

Games with the family – bellies full, bodies warm. We have been very lucky.

When I get upstairs, my family is watching our elected officials on the news. I am appreciative that they have the community’s best interest in mind, and I am thankful for all of the hard work that they’ve done, along with the medical, service, and municipal employees who have given above and beyond what they’re expected. They have demonstrated to the international media that Buffalove isn’t just a slogan to plaster onto a t-shirt. We are a proud and united community, and it takes more than a suffocating covering of snow to defeat us.

I realize I am very lucky to have had access to food & beer, heat, and a great family. We are all exhausted, but we are making the best of this time together. I hope everyone else is as lucky as I have been. Chin up, Buffalo. It’s almost over.






This amount of snow is what fell per hour in the Southtowns.

This amount of snow is what fell per hour in the Southtowns.

North Buffalo: 

It’s almost like there never was a snowstorm here at all. Besides a total of maybe 6 inches, which I dispatched within 15 minutes again. It had a strange eerie feeling like nothing here has changed, but in my heart, I know that not to be true.


If this was where Erik was, you wouldn’t be able to see those windows!

As of this final article, eight people had lost their lives, and countless more sit waiting for what’s left of this storm to finally end. People lost power, have had roofs collapse, and in most cases have literally been a prisoner of their home for going on three days. The NFL, finally woke up and decided a football game this Sunday was a bad idea (NO SHIT), and have made plans to relocate the game. In all likelihood it seems that game will be held on Monday night in Detroit.

And even though we are writing that the snow is over, the warmer temperatures over the weekend mean that most of the area’s already worst hit by the snow could see major flooding. Even though it seems like Buffalo can’t catch a break, we will survive, and get through this. Cause that’s what we do here, we get it done no matter how bad it gets. Don’t forget we’re the city of ’77, the October Storm, and now November ’14 (Sorry just can’t call it Knife). We know how to handle this!


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