Save v. Splurge: Fashion Items


Products mentioned: 1. T-shirt: Forever 21: $5.80 2. Necklace: $20 3. Workout pants: Target: $13.98 4. Jeans: Nordstrom: $98 5. Coat: $84.07 6. Shoes: $69.95

Whether you are a saver or a spender, it’s important to know what items you should splurge or save money on. It’s not necessary to buy workout pants equivalent to the price of three pairs of shoes. And although it’s nice to bargain hunt, it’s worth knowing what items are worth spending your money on.

Here are three items you should always splurge on and three items you should always save money on:

T-Shirts: Save. You can always find t-shirts on sale at Target for $10 or less. They are good for a few years before you need new ones, so it’s not worth the splurge.

Jewelry: Save. Statement jewelry in particular is key to save money on because you can find inexpensive choices at Forever 21 for under $20. Always save on jewelry. The only item you should splurge on is a watch.

Workout clothes: Save. Don’t feel pressured to buy top-of-the-line clothing from expensive brands when the inexpensive choices will get the same job done. Save by buying workout gear from T.J. Maxx or Marshalls.

Denim: Splurge. This is where splurging is necessary. Denim is a timeless staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Buy quality jeans and you’ll notice that they will always last more than five years.

Coats, Blazers: Splurge. Especially with weather in Buffalo, warm coats are a must-have from October to March. Splurge on two coats (one casual, one dressy) and you’ll be set for years to come.

Shoes: Splurge. I’m not saying you should buy $80 flip-flops, but when it comes to winter boots or work shoes, it’s best to splurge a little. Stay budget-friendly, but don’t try to wear $10 shoes and think your feet will be happy.

Remember it’s okay to splurge on yourself once in awhile, but don’t forget to save where you can, especially on your wardrobe. What other ways do you save money while shopping this season? Make sure to leave a comment below or tweet your tips to @BlissBrunette on Twitter.

Looking for any of these products? 1. T-shirt: Forever 21: $5.80 2. Necklace: $20 3. Workout pants: Target: $13.98 4. Jeans: Nordstrom: $98 5. Coat: $84.07 6. Shoes: $69.95


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