Buffalo Bills: Sammy Watkins is Amazing!

The Bills drew a lot of ire from fans for giving up next years first round pick in order to move up in the 2014 draft for WR Sammy Watkins. Half way through the season and Sammy Watkins has delivered and silenced those critics saying the Bills paid too much for him. He’s been the rookie or the week and now rookie of the Month of October. He’s on pace for over 80 receptions and more than 1100 yards receiving. He’s already came up big in two game winning drives and a dominating performance against the Vikings. If EJ Manuel was more accurate Sammy’s numbers would be insane! We’re talking top 5 receiving numbers. With that said lets take a look at the coaches film on a few plays from each game just to see how good this rookie really is.

He was quiet week 1 against the bears but still had plays that could have been made. Here’s a 20 yard pass completion on a 3rd and 10. He does a god job of getting to the open spot in the field on a cover 1 as the Bears bring up the Strong Safety.

2014-11-02 09.44.53

Here you will see the safety moving up and Sammy heading to the hole that’s created and resulting in a Bills first down. I added the red line of scrimmage to emphasize the 20+ yard completion.

2014-11-02 09.47.29 2014-11-02 09.49.27Here’s another play from the bears game that would have been huge if EJ was more accurate. Watch Watkins on this streak as he pulls away from two defenders. Again the bears are in a cover 1 as they move the Strong Safety up into the LB box.

Here you will see he splits the DB’s and has a few steps on them but the ball is 5+ yards too long.

2014-11-02 09.55.51 2014-11-02 09.56.44

One final play from the Bears game and this is a 12 yard hitch. Watkins makes sure he’s past the first down marker and runs a perfect route while making the catch in traffic resulting in a Bills first down.

The Miami game was really the coming out party for Sammy Watkins. As you will see most of my highlights are pass plays that go for 15+ yards. The one criticism of the Bills for years have been their lack of big plays and our QBs always check down for the short dump off. This play Sammy is going to run a streak but see there’s free space to the outside. The Dolphins bring their safety up as well leaving just the CB and FS for Watkins to beat. They appear to be playing a zone but the CB falls down and Watkins takes advantage.

2014-11-02 10.30.32 2014-11-02 10.31.33 2014-11-02 10.32.00

On this play the Dolphins appear to be in a cover 4 dropping everyone back in zone. The Linebackers aren’t very deep and the DB’s are a little too deep resulting in a huge opening for Watkins.

Here a play against the chargers that would have been a TD had EJ not over thrown Watkins. The Charger bring their Strong Safety down into the LB box to play the run. The Free Safety moves to the center of the field. Sammy beats the CB by the time he runs 10 yards and the Free Safety can’t get over in time.

The Texans game was another game filled with plays for Sammy that if the QB play was better he would have had a huge game. Here’s Sammy’s short TD. He’s running a quick slant into traffic. He makes a great catch regardless of the fact he’s going to get pancaked.

2014-11-02 11.44.39

Here’s another play just like the Dolpins. He’s going to run a deep in route falling behind the LB zone and in front of the DB zone. Another play that goes for 20+ yards

.2014-11-02 11.46.23 2014-11-02 11.47.34

It was hard to select just two from the detroit game. He made some great catches on poor passes in Orton’s first start at QB. Here’s a deep in route that’s a little behind him but he makes a great catch in traffic.There was another Bills receiver in the area which may have added to the traffic of bodies. The Lions were playing 2 deep safeties what looked like man converage underneath.

courtesy of www,nfl.com/rewind

courtesy of www,nfl.com/rewind

2014-11-02 11.56.53

Here’s a 10 yard post. The lion bring up the Strong safety closer to the line. Watkins again finds space in front of the Free Safety as he beats corner. The ball is a little behind Watkins who reaches back, tips it to himself while not even slowing down. Its apparent at this point he was worth moving up for.

2014-11-02 12.00.08

The Vikings game had too many to choose from. I could have wrote an entire article on just the final drive. Watkins was Rookie of the week from this game. I picked this play because its a short crossing play that Watkins extends across the field for a first down. I also really like the Bills formation here. Its a 5 wide receiver set with a bunch of 3 WR of the left and 2 on the right. The Bills do a good job of clear out the DB’s for Watkins underneath.

2014-11-02 12.02.55

Here’s a perfect pass from Orton, the type of pass Manuel was missing all season. This is Watkins 27 Yard TD catch. You’ll see he has a step of the CB and the Safety is late coming over as Orton did a good job looking him off.

2014-11-02 12.05.10

The lasy play i’ll pick from the Vikings game is obviously the game winning TD. Even though there were several others including two on the last drive I thought this summed up Waktins truly being our number one receiver. It shows how mature Sammy is as a rookie. After the game when he broke down the play he was expecting the CB to bump him at the line. The DB didn’t and Sammy knew he’d have him beat on the quick out pass. Again a perfect ball from Orton made it look easy.

2014-11-02 12.06.38

Lastly here’s Watkins two long pass receptions from the Jets Game. This is the 84 yard pass play Watkins get caught from behind. I think the Jets were bating the Bills into the throw and just couldn’t make the play. As you can see above The Bills tend to go deep to Watkins in cover 1 / one safety defensive alignments. The Jets bring their speedy Safety down to the line to blitz but as soon as the ball is hiked he books right back across the field to Watkins and almost gets there. He almost collides with the corner who falls down as Watkins catches the ball. You’ll see in the second picture the Speedy safety is almost caught up to Watkins as he catches it.

2014-11-02 12.20.29

Here’s his 61 yard Touchdown. You’ll see Watkins take this short pass to the house as he breaks two tackles. The Jets are playing a cover two with their safeties up closer to the LB’s. It looks like the Jets are expecting run with the Bills in a 2TE 2 WR set. Watkins runs a 5 yard slant and is met as soon as he turns it up field. He’s able to get out of the missed tackle and with no safety help takes it all the way.

2014-11-02 12.22.11 2014-11-02 12.22.54 2014-11-02 12.23.47

Well there you have it Bills Nation. As they say a picture is worth 1000 words. Sammy Watkins is the real deal and quite possible one of the best WR in the league, He has amazing hands, break away speed and crisp route running. He’s very intelligent and can read defenses often finding holes in the defense. He has no problem making the tough catches in traffic and is tough.I mean the dude played threw bruised ribs for four weeks! In watching the earlier games with EJ you see so many plays that were missed because of awful throws. If he had a competent QB all season and was thrown the ball in the Patriots game he’d be in the top 5 for receivers. I have no problem giving up next years pick because he”s the real deal and as close to a Calvin Johnson type receiver as you can get. Enjoy the bye week because it’s on from here on out! we need to win 5 of 8 in order to end this playoff drought! We can do it if we ride on the shoulders of Sammy Watkins! I hope you all enjoyed this, thanks for reading and make sure to follow us on twitter @wgoinbuffalo and me @jasonsins

By: Jason Sins


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