Buffalo Bills Week 7: It’s Pandemonium, No Its Fandemonium!

The first 55 inutes left much to be desired, but Uncle Orton got it done when it mattered! - Photo via whotalking.com

The first 55 minutes left much to be desired, but Uncle Orton got it done when it mattered! – Photo via whotalking.com

Week 7 saw the enshrinement of Van Miller to the Bills Wall of Fame. He marks the 29th member on the wall. Our beloved Takeo Spikes returned to Buffalo to lead the charge of players onto the field. Week 7 also marked the beginning of what we viewed as the easiest part of our schedule as we don’t play a top flight QB until Denver in week 14! This was rookie Teddy Bridgewater’s first away game this season, and he came off a horrible outing last week against Detroit. From the outside, this appeared to be a game the Bills should be able to win easily. As fans we know that things never go as people expect for the Bills as they looked horrible for 57 minutes of football and needed a last second roller coaster drive to pull it off. With no further ado, put your seat belts on because here we go!

Van was finally inducted to the Wall of Fame - Photo via www.buffalonews.com

Van was finally inducted to the Wall of Fame – Photo via http://www.buffalonews.com

The word of the day was turnovers. The Bills turned the ball over four times on Sunday. That gives them seven turnovers in the last two games. Kyle Orton Threw an interception on a poorly thrown ball over the middle intended for Chandler. Then he joined Robert Woods and Chris Hogan in fumbling. Orton was also sacked six times. To make matters worse, we lost both Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller. Fred went down with a groin injury. It was a short run; he took the hand-off, started up field for about one yard, and he said he heard a pop. You could see the injury occur, and he instantly grabbed the groin area and stayed down. On CJ’s first carry after Fred went down, he finally broke a run! He rumbled 53 yards and got tripped up inside the 10 yard line. He landed awkwardly on his shoulder, resulting in a broken collar bone, which will end his season. Boobie Dixon and Frank Summers were the only available running backs as Bryce Brown hasn’t dressed this season. That will change next week. The CJ injury is even sadder, because that could be CJ’s last play as a Buffalo Bill. He’s a free agent after this year. If Bryce Brown looks the part, he could be taking CJ’s roster spot. He’s a few years younger and offers a similar change of pace.

The Bills finally realized that Sammy Watkins is a wide receiver, and the point of a wide receiver is to get the ball thrown to them and catch it. When they catch the ball they gain yards, make first downs, and even score points! It’s an amazing concept that Nate Hackett appears to have just learned. I thought the Bills knew what a receiver was when they traded up for Sammy, giving away a potential top ten pick next year. However, Sammy has been an afterthought for much of the season. Sunday he was targeted 14 times, making nine catches for 122 yards and two TD’s! Watkins could have had 20 catches, because the Vikings’ corner couldn’t cover him. His quick slants and hitches worked all day.

CJ Spiller could have played his last game as a Buffalo Bill, after suffering a season ending broken clavicle injury.  - Photo via newyork.cbslocal.com

CJ Spiller could have played his last game as a Buffalo Bill, after suffering a season ending broken clavicle injury. – Photo via newyork.cbslocal.com

Leodis McKelvin was Johnny-on-the-spot for two interceptions in the first half. The defense was getting to Bridgewater, who was sacked five times, twice by Mr. Big Stuff Marcell Dareus. Despite the turnovers and injuries to the Bills, they only allowed three points the entire second half. On the other hand, the Bills scored zero points until the final drive. They were down 16-10 when they started the final drive. The Bills got the ball back at their own 20 with 3:07 left, and so began one of the craziest, nail biting final drives in recent history. After moving the chains on two consecutive series, Orton was sacked bringing up a 2nd and 17. Chandler dropped a potential first down, and Orton was sacked again on the next play, making it 4th and 20. Orton went right back to Chandler for an amazing 4th down conversion when he made a 24-yard catch with 1:18 left. The Bills called a timeout, and on the next play a false start sent them backwards again. On the following play, Orton threw the ball way behind Watkins, but he was able to get a hand on it to knock it away from the defender who would have intercepted it ending the comeback. A few plays later, he hit Sammy Watkins again for another first down on a 3rd and 12 getting the Bills to the Vikings 38 with 38 seconds left. They used their last time out. As the lined up for the following play, something wasn’t right. The team lazily lined up, the play clock was about to expire, and Orton rushed the snap. Protection broken down quickly and Orton threw the ball deep into the end zone. Unfortunately he was in the tackle box and considered under pressure.  There was no receiver in the area of his pass. Chandler was in the end zone but running away from the ball. The Bills were flagged for intentional grounding despite Orton pleading Chandler just ran the wrong route. That penalty resulted in a 10-yard penalty, a loss of down, and a 10 second run off of the clock. 2nd down started with 25 seconds left, and he hit Chris Hogan who made a great twisting-leaping catch while keeping the ball from getting intercepted at the 3-yard line.

Then this happened!! - Photo via www.nydailynews.com

Then this happened!! – Photo via http://www.nydailynews.com

By the time the Bills got to the line, got set, and spiked the ball, 20 seconds ticked off, leaving them with only 5 seconds remaining. Orton’s confidence in the pocket was unwavering, and it was noticeable from my couch and to all the fans at the stadium. He knew he was going to Watkins. Watkins ran a quick out and made the TD look easy scoring with just one second left on the clock. The stadium exploded! The Shout Song blared! LETS GO BUFFALO filled my living room, and Orton was all smiles. This was his 8th career game-winning drive and his first since 2010. He now has the Bills at a 4-3 record. They are one game behind the Patriots and ½ game up on the Dolphins. With the Jets coming up next week, it is another must win game if they want to have a chance to sniff the post-season this year.

If the Bills are truly a playoff team, they need to show it. The defense is keeping us in every game, but it’s a dangerous way to live. The offense needs to step up and dominate a game. Hackett needs to get a handle on play calling, and the offensive line needs to shape up quickly. Guard is a huge issue, and it appears a switch may be in the works. Cyrus Kouandjio is getting work at guard. I would expect to see him in week 10 after the bye week. Richardson is struggling and Pears is horrible. Chris Williams can’t stay healthy, and the Bills are out of options. A win is a win though, regardless of how ugly or lucky it is. Three out of our next four games are against divisional opponents, and we only play one non-AFC team from here on out. The Bills will need 10 wins to even have a shot at the playoffs. So can they do it? Can Bryce Brown make an impact where CJ couldn’t? Can Boobie handle the role of Fred Jackson? Will the coaching staff get better at managing the game? Stay tuned my friends: same Bills time and same Bills channel!

By: Jason Sins

– Wanna relive that awesome TD! Check it out –

Video Courtesy of ReaperX716


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