How Stupid Can You Be lululemon???

Really LuLuLemon??????

Really lululemon??????

Ask anyone from Buffalo what the words “Wide Right” and “No Goal” mean and you may just see a large vein sticking out of their forehead. The words generally will make just about any Western New Yorker upset. So, no retailer in their right mind would use them as part of their stores marketing plan right? I mean no one could be that stupid right?


Say hello to lululemon Athletica, a sports apparel business from Vancouver, British Columbia. Now it’s not just that they used these words, It’s that they plastered them in mosaic form at the entrance to the store. The store which is located in the Walden Galleria mall sells yoga gear, as well as high-end workout clothes. And by high-end, I mean $58 dollar tank tops, and $100 dollar pairs of sweat pants. If that wasn’t enough to make you cringe the mosaic on the front of the store will probably take care of that for you.

Late last night on twitter, things picked up rapidly in the PR nightmare department for LuLuLemon. Repeated questions from angry Western New Yorker’s about the design and use of such nightmarish words for us, were met with stock answers from what must have been their corporate honchos. One conversation went as such;

@arkandove – Are you kidding me @lululemon?? You put this in your Buffalo store??? #disrespectful #boycott #waldengalleria

This started the uproar. Photo via -

This tweet started the uproar yesterday. Photo via –

@lululemon – @arkandove The inspiration behind this art was how these games solidified Buffalo as a proud and loyal community.

While that may be the case, Buffalo doesn’t need someone from Canada to judge what makes us stronger, neither do we need them to throw our defeats right in our faces. It seems absolutely mind-blowing that not one marketing person said, “um guys, this may be an issue”?

We reached out to lululemon’s Store Manager; Pamela Palmieri at the Walden Galleria and asked several questions about the mosaic. We received this response to our query.

“What I can share is that we hear the feedback from Buffalo and we’re listening. We will update everyone as soon as we can give a concrete action.”

Unfortunately, it may be too late for the store in this location. The backlash has been severe and swift. Many calling for the mosaic to be removed at the very least. Not only that, but the story picked up so much traction it was featured on Channel 2 news last night. What the store may have been looking for ways to seek publicity, but this was probably not what they were looking for.

Enough Said! - Photo via

Enough Said! – Photo via

– Stay tuned for the reaction, and whether lululemon will remove the mosaic.


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