Scaling The Past With Explore Buffalo

What a view!!!!

What a view!!!!

Sunday morning coffee in hand, sun shining on us we headed out to the First Ward to join in on the Silo City Vertical tour given by Explore Buffalo.  The group of thirty or so tourists, including ourselves, were asked to sign the usual waivers and given flashlights for later use, before being divided into two groups for the actual tour. Jason began with a quick history lesson about Silo City and the Buffalo River before leading us into the dark.


I see skyline!

Flashlights flipped on as we walked up a seemingly unending spiral staircase that takes us to the top of the American Elevator built-in 1906. We reached the summit and are almost instantly rewarded with a remarkable view of the city. After viewing the insides, we realized we were in a giant machine.  We navigated our way to the Perot Malting/Genesee Brewing Elevator using the conveyor belt catwalk(s) that run between the two silos and the malt house. After seeing the intricate set up of these century old grain elevators we descended through newly renovated spaces recently used for wedding receptions and cocktail parties.

As you stand there peering out into the skyline, one can only express awe at the fact that this isn’t for the faint of heart (or anyone afraid of heights).

Explore Buffalo has created a tour that revels in the beauty beyond the decay.  Our guide was a wealth of information and more than happy to answer any questions as we stepped carefully through history. We recommend this adventure for locals and tourists alike. At every visit to Silo City whether it is City of Night, Silo Fleas, or our Vertical Tour we always admire the diverse use of such a unique and vast space.

Josh and Becca

If you want to learn more about Explore Buffalo’s Vertical Tour then click here. Explore Buffalo also holds many Buffalo related tours! Check them out!





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