Buffalo Bills Week 4 Review: A Loss For Words…

Gamechanging play by JJ Watt -photos.syracuse.com

Gamechanging play by JJ Watt -Photo via photos.syracuse.com

Well Bills fans I don’t need to watch the film on this one to know why the Bills lost the game. The defense played well with the exception of Corey Graham giving up a long TD pass. The offense on the other hand was awful. It wasn’t the running game, so that leaves one position; The Quarterback. EJ Manuel’s passes were off the mark all day. Many of his passes at least hit his receivers but they were low or a little behind resulting in several drops. In a game that most fans were hoping to win, EJ couldn’t rise to the occasion. The Amish riffle got a win over his former team and the QB the Bills decided was better. So how did the QB battle shape up?

EJ struggled with reads, but the O-Line really let him down. - Photo via www.syracuse.com

EJ struggled with reads, but the O-Line really let him down. – Photo via http://www.syracuse.com

With the exception of the 80 yard bomb to Mike Williams on a broken coverage play, EJ Manuel went 20-43 for 145 with 1 TD and 2 INTs. (21-44 for 225 and 2TDs and 2INTs including Williams long TD). In comparison Ryan Fitzpatrick went 25-37 for 268 with 1 TD and 2 INTs. Both QBs had similar stats and Both QBs had long pass completions for a TD. The difference; Ryan Fitzpatrick made plays when needed and EJ did not. Fitz had a few key runs for first downs that kept their drives alive. Giving up his body for the first down. There was no sliding and no running out-of-bounds. EJ may want to take notes. He also had some key throws. As was typical in Buffalo he threw some INTs. One was a great play by McKelvin who actually ripped the ball away from Deandre Hopkins in mid-air and came away with the ball. The other was a batted ball by Kyle Williams that was caught by Nigel Bradham. EJs on the other hand were his fault. JJ Watt jumped a swing route intended for Fred Jackson out of the back field and returned it 80 yards for a TD. It was a great play by Watt and a poor decision by EJ. JJ Watt came in unblocked and saw Fred coming out for the pass. Instead of pursuing EJ, Watt ran straight into the passing lane and EJ gift wrapped him his first career INT for a TD. EJ’s second INT was a bad throw on the final drive of the game. Robert Woods was being interfered with or at least Illegal contact, as the DB had his hands on him the whole time, with his back to the QB and never looking for the ball.

For Real Fitz beat us??? - Photo via www.syracuse.com

For Real Fitz beat us??? – Photo via http://www.syracuse.com

This week was marred by horrible QB play, Horrible time management and horrible play calling. Last week the Bills failed to use their Time outs before the half heading to halftime with 2 in their pockets. This week the team blew 2 time outs on pretty much back to back plays in the red zone with 11 minutes to play. We ended up going to half time up 10-0 but I’d like to see better communication and time management. In the second half things didn’t get any better. The Bills were pinned at their 1 yard line and EJ took another time out. Instead, he should have taken the delay of game; they would have lost a half yard and saved the timeout that proved critical at the end of the game. In the final 5 minutes on a 3rd and 10 play for the Texans, Fitz threw the ball to Arian Foster who made a diving catch 2 yards short of the first down. However, Keith Rivers failed to touch him down and he rolled 2 more yards for the first down! Luckily the defense held to force a punt but that error allowed the Texans to run another 2 minutes off the clock. That’s why they tell you to play to the whistle. Finally, on the final drive there were several Mistakes by EJ. After a nice 15 yard completion with about 1:29 left EJ runs the team back to the line, they setup, he makes some changes at the line, which in all takes about 20 seconds. Then he throws a 2 yard pass to Fred Jackson. He should have spiked the ball making it 2nd and 10 since they are going for it on any 4th down situations anyways. The down isn’t important there just the clock. EJ Then proceeded to throw sideline passes out-of-bounds so there was no way his receiver could even try to make a play for the ball. The Texans were in a Prevent Quarters Defense which left the middle of the field wide open the entire series. Nate Hackett finally figured that out and they were able to complete a few passes over the middle picking up 25 yards. Then EJ tried a pass to Woods that was too far resulting in an interception. It appeared the DB made illegal contact with woods maybe even pass interference neither of which were called. That was the ball game.

In two consecutive games our QB hasn’t been able to make a play when needed. Even in the Bears game EJ was just average but our defense and special teams won that game for us. That means in 3 out of 4 games you got average to subpar play from your starting QB in a “Win now” year. Personally I would like to see Orton. He’s at least proven in this league he can play well with back to back 3500 yards passing and 20TDs and 10 INTs for teams with less talent on offense. The Bills are a talented team but we need a better QB if we’re going to save this season.

Say Hello to your new QB - Kyle Orton. - Photo via www.syracuse.com

Say Hello to your new QB – Kyle Orton. – Photo via http://www.syracuse.com

The game did have its positives though. Fred Jackson is still amazing and looks better than CJ at times. Not bad for being the oldest RB in the NFL! Our defense only gave up 37 yards on the ground on 24 attempts and Fitz was their leading rusher. That’s about 1.5 yards per carry! Our defense also had 3 takeaways; 2 INTs and 1 fumble recovery on a nice strip of Andre Johnson by Brandon Spikes. The win did come at a cost however, Kyle Williams and Nigel Bradham left the game with injuries, we will find out more later today on the severity.

That’s all I have Bills nation another week, another tough loss. This one however falls solely on EJ Manuel’s shoulders. There is no sugar-coating that. He missed wide open players by a lot. He threw to the covered guy missing the wide open guy on at least 10 occasions and he was slightly outplayed by the guy they Bills cut to give EJ his shot. Comments? How do you feel 4 weeks in? Is an Orton led Bills team in the near future? As always leave me a comment here and make sure to follow use on facebook and Twitter @wgoinbuffalo and me @jasonsins . Until next week Bills nation! Bills time same White knuckling channel!

By: Jason Sins


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