None Like You – Ms. Elizabeth Triggs

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We met up with Ms.Triggs at the center on Sycamore St. to discuss her non-profit ‘No One Like You/We Care Outreach’.  When we were arrived, she was working in the grassroots garden at the center, one of many around the city she maintains. She was happy to show us what she was currently working on and tell us about her newest projects, which include a neighborhood greenhouse and a handicap ramp to the new gazebo in an adjacent park.

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She regaled us with the story of how she, and a handful of women, began with two brooms, a rake, and a shovel to clean up a nearby park. In 1989 the park on Johnson St. was inhabited by mostly transients and addicts. She and the other women chose to ignore their behavior and addictions and instead enlisted their help. In 1993 Mayor Masiello visited the park at Ms. Triggs behest, and was impressed enough to make sure the city would maintain it and repaired the roads around it. Legend has it a ghost appeared in the park after the clean up and promised the park would continue to thrive.

Since then the group has grown to 173 members. The community organization is comprised of volunteers, business owners, and local politicians. ‘None Like You’ currently operates two buildings for disadvantaged individuals to use. They have computer work spaces, kitchens to serve free meals, and quiet rooms for neighborhood kids to study.

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There are no paid employees used to maintain the 15 mixed use gardens, only volunteers. Every week helpful individuals from every walk of life across all of Buffalo, from students to church groups and those in need, come together to work at maintaining these green spaces.

With War Memorial in view we walked through a house on Southampton St. that she saved from demolition and has since rehabbed. All materials and furniture, along with labor, have been donated or bought. In 25 years Ms.Triggs pursuit of a more beautiful Buffalo never wavered. This Friday they will celebrate that milestone at their anniversary fundraiser being held at 595 Sycamore St. from 1pm-7pm at the ‘None Like You/We Care Outreach’ center. Help her maintain and expand our cities tranquil community gardens.


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