Hitting a Home Run!

Beautiful Day to be at the Ballpark! - Photo via @WGOINBuffalo

Beautiful Day to be at the Ballpark! – Photo via @WGOINBuffalo

It’s not every day that you get the chance to walk around a Ballpark with a beer in tow. Which is why I hustled down to Coca Cola Field this past weekend for Ballpark Brew Bash. Before the end of the event, I would run into a bunch of people we know. It seems some of my pictures and posts to Facebook, and Twitter were just too much to pass up. No worries. There was plenty of beer left.

Adrienne and Mason had a ball! Nice shirts guys!

Adrienne and Mason had a ball! Nice shirts guys!

The weather couldn’t have been better this past Saturday as the sun and heat draped Buffalo in Summer’s glow for one more day. The park looked immaculate, and the selection of beers was out of this world. Take note that this past summer has provided us with the chance to taste a lot of beer, whether they were regional favorites such as Resurgence, Hamburg and Ellicottville, or some downstate tastes such as HeBrew, Ommegang and even brewers from out of town such as Harpoon and Dogfish Head Brewery.

The event encompassed most of the Ballpark, with vendors lining the outfield walls, interior concourse areas, the party zone in center and right-center field. Over 60 vendors gave out tastings, and in most cases even had a brewer on hand to talk shop. Music played over the PA system, and the Scoreboard played college football. In truth, most men at the stadium had a little trouble taking their eyes off the ridiculous screen on that scoreboard (really who could blame them). Food trucks were planted in the outfield party zone, among which were Lloyd’s, The Whole Hog and Greek On The Street. Dugouts were available to people to sit and enjoy a beer or call out imaginary plays to no one in particular. Home plate was open to the crowd as well, so you could walk up and call your shot or hit that walk-off home run!

A little dugout time with some friends!

A little dugout time with some friends!

With all that was going on, the crowd was in great spirits, and the intimacy of the Ballpark made this a great event to attend. Here are some of our favorite beers from the event.

  • Harpoon Imperial Pumpkin and Pumpkin Cider – The Imperial Pumpkin was complex, heavy and packed much fall flavor into a small pint glass. The Pumpkin Cider was crisp and clear with great flavor and not too strong. Both had me wanting to go back for seconds.
  • Ellicottville Fall Festival – A lighter Oktoberfest style Ale, this one was a great beer from a brewer that’s been wowing Western New York for years.
  • Old First Ward’s Rye Peppercorn Saison – This isn’t for everyone, and I’m not a fan of hoppy beers. This one was insane though and milder than I expected. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • Boulder Beer Company Shake – This was the consensus “Best In Show” for our group. It was malty and tasted like drinking a chocolate shake. We all had thirds!!!!!
  • Rohrbach Brewing Company Vanilla Porter & Oktoberfest – Both were top of the line, each with distinct flavors. The Vanilla Porter may be one of the best I’ve tasted all summer.
Hit a Home run already!

Hit a Home run already!

After we tasted our last beer, we decided that some food would be in order. The group conferred and it was decided that an order of pizza and wings was in our future. We hopped in our cab and made the call. If only there was a Chicken Wing truck………… Oh well, I can’t wait for next year’s Ballpark Brew Bash!

Proceeds from the event benefited multiple Buffalo Bisons Charities as well as the New York State Brewers Association. If you want to learn more about Consumers Beverages then feel free to visit their website at – http://www.consumersbeverages.com/ Looking for more info about the Ballpark Brew Bash? Here you go – http://www.ballparkbrewbash.com/


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