Bills Week 3 Recap: Ouch! What the hell happened Buffalo?

Antonio Gates and Keenan Allen say not so fast to the Bills 3-0 hopes! - Photo via

Antonio Gates and Keenan Allen say not so fast to the Bills 3-0 hopes! – Photo via

Well Bills Fans I’m sure you all feel as I do on this Monday after such a pitiful game. The dark skies, cold wind and rain are fitting as it represents our attitudes today. After starting out 2-0 and totally destroying the dolphins last week Bills nation was riding high! Then the Bills put up there first stinker of the year. The Bills never fail to give us a roller coaster ride. I don’t blame the fans who think the sky is falling and that this year will be like so many other years past. After three weeks and one horrible game, its time to write off the season right? Ha! Not so fast my friends. Here’s my view of the game.

Frank and Jim was about the best thing to happen on Sunday! - Photo via

Frank and Jim was about the best thing to happen on Sunday! – Photo via

The Chargers are a good team. They beat Seattle and put up 30 points on them. If you watched the Seattle and Broncos game you know just how good both of those teams are and the Chargers face the Broncos twice. Again let me say the Chargers are a good team and are up there for one of the top 6 teams in the AFC. Phillip Rivers is playing some of the best football of his life in recent years. A lot of that is thanks to a familiar face here in Buffalo, Frank Reich. Reich is now their offensive coordinator and was their QB coach prior. As much as we see it as the Bills playing poorly, I see it as the chargers playing well and executing a great game plan made up by Reich. He exposed our defenses weaknesses. I will go into more detail on that after i watch the coaches film but here’s my view as a fan from my couch.

Reich attacked each weak link in our defense. He attacked McKelvin early on a long completion to Floyd. McKelvin is not a good corner and has issues with taller receivers. He was getting destroyed by Jeffrey in the Bears game until Jeffrey got hurt so this wasn’t a surprise. He went after Preston Brown and Brandon Spikes in coverage with their TE Green since the Bills were trying to keep Gates at bay with corners and safeties. Preston Brown is absolutely horrible in pass coverage. The Bills made some adjustments using Nigel Bradham in the second half but it was too little too late. Their line also did a good job blocking the front four and Rivers doesn’t take many sacks and gets the ball out quickly. The chargers used a lot of crossing patterns and hit us deep. They had 6 plays go for over 20 yards. The Bills had only given up one the first two weeks. The Chargers ate up the clock using long drives to wear out the defense and win the time of possession battle. Lastly Donald Brown their 3rd string RB played very well and was difficult to bring down.

EJ struggled in his third start - Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

EJ struggled in his third start – Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

EJ was terrible and there’s no sugar-coating that. His passes were off target and never had the velocity needed to make the play. This was evident on the play he got Goodwin killed. That pass was a high lob ball in the flat when it needed to be a low laser that Goodwin could catch and turn up field. Sometimes you need your QB to win games when the defense is struggling and he wasn’t up to the task. The Line was struggling, the running game was nonexistent and whatever plan Hackett put together didn’t work. it didn’t seem he made any adjustments. There were no motion plays, no reverses, and no imagination at all. Hacketts offensive scheme is still the biggest issue I have with the team. The read option doesn’t work. Our team needs a spread pistol offense. They also never audible away from a running play that has no chance of working. The coaching staff in general just isn’t that good or imaginative. Marrone didn’t use 2 of their timeouts before half time. Why you would ever not take timeouts is beyond me. They made no attempts to get into field goal range. Marrone and his staff was supposed to be as good as Chip Kelly. He was supposed to bring new ideas and change the culture. All I see is a coach that coaches not to lose the game instead of coaching to win the game and is as conservative as Dick Jauron. Punting from your opponents 39 on 4th and 4 when you’re up by 13 like last week is NEVER the right call! If they truly want to earn the trust and respect of the fans then they have to show us they are different. Like a child trying to earn back the trust of their parents. Its going to take more than 3 games to undue 15 years / 1200 hours of unbearable football. Three weeks in and the Bills have only scored 4 TDs.The Bills need to score more than 1 TD a week if they are going to win consistently.

Remember this guy? We know you do! -

Remember this guy? We know you do! –

Looking to next week, the Texans without Foster are a very beatable team. If you watched any of the Texans game this week you know Fitzpatrick was up to his old ways. Our Defense knows Fitzpatrick so we should be able to bounce back next week. The coaching staff however, will need to do a lot better in order to walk away with a win.

Even though I’m disappointed with many aspects of this game, I know it’s just one game. I knew they wouldn’t go 16-0 and the chargers are one of the top 6 teams in the AFC. The Bills still have a favorable schedule and only face 1 legit QB (Stafford @Detroit) until week 14 (Manning @Denver). My take is that we just faced a really good team and we failed at the coaching and execution level. They couldn’t compete with the Chargers staff and our QB is not in the same universe as Rivers. So that’s it Bills nation, what about you? What did you think? Are you worried? What are your predictions for next week? As always leave a comment here or follow us on Facebook and twitter @wgoinbuffalo and @jasonsins . Until next week! Same buffalo time, same buffalo channel!

By: Jason Sinsabaugh



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