Before We Erect the Pegulaville Signs, Some Questions Must Be Asked…

If the recent purchase of the Bills were a movie, I’m sure the scene would go something like this: A lone candle on a table lights the wryly smiling faces of the couple, obviously very much in love.  Hanging icicle lights are strung across the wood-framed patio where small tables of two are enjoying their romantic meal.  Violins begin to play slowly and quietly, and as the moments build, the music swells.  Terry lightly pushes back his chair and gets down on one knee.  He stares deep into the eyes of the city of Buffalo, grasps the left hand lovingly and slides on the ring.  “Buffalo, will you marry me?”  The city dabs the tears from its eyes, and flushed, shouts “Yes, yes!  Of course I will!”  The remaining couples erupt into applause. Champagne corks pop and the bubbly flowing from the top is caught in silver-rimmed flutes.  Terry stands and pumps his fist, a giant smile spread across his face.  The celebration lasts through the night and into the early hours of the morning.

Kim & Terry Pegula, our bethroted! Via The Buffalo News

Kim & Terry Pegula, our bethroted!
Via The Buffalo News

But, it’s the next day.  What now?  So much planning!  So much that hasn’t been discussed!  This entire time, the focus has been on rooting for Terry to win the hand of our fair city, not bad-boy rocky guy, Bon Jovi, who was only looking to make a fool of us, a la Carrie’s prom night.  We have been so enamored with the Pegula family, and so against the Rogers group, that we haven’t really thought about planning for the ‘wedding.’


Who is going to help us plan this successful marriage?  Everyone needs a point person – we’re all familiar with the work of Ted Black – Pegula’s right hand man in the Sabres operations.  With the Bills, Russ Brandon currently sits in Ted’s seat, but reports would indicate he’s feeling the heat.  Nothing substantial has come forward, but there seems to be a tension spread throughout the front office.  He was essential in engineering the series of games across the border, but as we learned, Buffalo doesn’t think too highly of that move.  The offseason moves made by the Bills seemed desperate – high risk moves that need to pay off if Brandon and GM Doug Whaley want to stick around.  The Pegula group has shown they can be patient, but they have also shown that they will not tolerate an organization without a plan.  Giving up our 2015 first round pick could prove to be detrimental to Brandon, and we may see a change before the next season.


Can Russ Brandon engineer a winning team? via NFL Next 10

Can Russ Brandon engineer a winning team?
via NFL Next 10

Perhaps the most important thing on the mind of the city right now is the venue.  Ralph Wilson Stadium is the focus of nearly constant upgrades, but the NFL has made it clear that inclusive in this deal needs to be a new, state-of-the-art stadium the likes of which have been erected in Dallas and NJ in the last few years.  These billion dollar bastions of sports gluttony were highly touted as they were being built, but since then, few positive things have been reported.  It is no secret that Pegula is incredibly interested in revolutionizing the downtown area, and the city may get its decades-old wish of a downtown stadium.  Recent plans have been revealed for a redesign of the harbor area, which may eliminate a harbor stadium, but the investments that the  Pegula group have already made downtown would seem to indicate that Buffalo’s new palace will be nestled in the heart of the city.

Finally!  A downtown stadium! via Artvoice

Finally! A downtown stadium!
via Artvoice


It would seem the city of Buffalo Billieves that the Pegula Group is the answer we’ve all been looking for – our genie in a bottle, granting wishes left and right – but, like the final episode of Lost, it has also raised a lot of questions.  It’s not always easy to get answers from Terry and his crew, but hopefully, he will address some of these concerns in the very near future, so we can all return to our state of utter bliss, safe in the knowledge not only that our teams are here to stay, but there is a plan in place to return them to greatness.


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