Buffalo Bills Preview: The San Diego Chargers

Sammy is gonna be crucial this week! - Photo via www.syracuse.com

Sammy is gonna be crucial this week! – Photo via http://www.syracuse.com

Well Bills Fans, A lot has happened since last we spoke! The Bills new owners Kim and Terry Pegula were approved by the NFL. The Bills standalone a top of the AFC east standings at 2-0. We have scored the most points and allowed the least amount of points than anyone in our division. We were underdogs against the Bears and the Dolphins were coming off a huge comeback win against the Patriots but the Bills squished those fish 29-10. The Bills have been winning with stout defense as well as mistake free play from EJ Manuel.  So what do the Bills have to do against a San Diego Chargers team that is coming off a big win against the Super Bowl champions?

This is what the Bill's are wearing this week! - Photo via @billsequipment

This is what the Bill’s are wearing this week! – Photo via @billsequipment

The key defensive matchup this week is going to be how the Bills address Antonio Gates. Seattle didn’t seem to be doing anything to take him away which resulted in a big game from Gates and a Win. We know the Bills have coverage issues at the linebacker spot. Spikes and Brown are run snuffers and not coverage LBs. Keith Rivers can cover ok but he has a groin injury. Even if he plays he may not be 100%. I expect to see the Bills Move Searcy or A. Williams down to cover Gates and bring in Duke Williams to play Safety. The Bills are rather healthy at all key positions and hopefully that trend continues. I expect to see a lot of Corey Graham as we have in the past weeks. His play has been phenomenal. The Key offensively for the Bills to win the game lays solely on the shoulders of OC Nate Hackett. His play calls are questionable in the red zone and ultra conservative. EJ Manuel needs to not only play mistake free football but also execute to get his team in the end zone. Field goal football isn’t going to work week in and week out and we will need points against the Chargers. The ground and pound game has been working well providing a solid play action pass game. I’m still not sold on the Read Option offense we run. EJ and CJ would benefit more from a Pistol formation offense which has designed QB roll outs and Bootlegs. EJ have missed several chances to keep the ball on the read option. Either he isn’t reading the defense right or the coaches tell him when to keep it and when to run. It is also hamper CJ Spiller. He needs to line up behind the QB or to the side and take the ball hitting a hole at full speed. The read option is a delayed play where the defense is now at full speed coming toward you and CJ is dancing before finding a hole. They are also utilizing a lot of counter type runs which is where the running back starts off one way but cuts back to other way in the back field. Again, not the best way to utilize Spiller. Those counters are good once in a while but every running play? Chan Gailey’s spread pistol style offense was what CJ succeeded in. He is having success and the Bills are putting him in there in all kinds of situations. He was the NFL’s special team’s player of the week for his 102 kickoff return for a TD. We have seen him in the slot and in the backfield with Fred Jackson as well. If Nate Hackett would make a few tweaks this offense could be one of the best in the NFL.

Make no mistake Rivers is a top 5 qb in the NFL!  -Photo via live.drjays.com

Make no mistake Rivers is a top 5 qb in the NFL! -Photo via live.drjays.com

Oh, so what do I think will happen this week? Well thanks for asking! I believe the Bills can pull out another Win at home. The Fans will need to keep the Ralph rocking though, even if we get behind. The noise and atmosphere last week had a lot to do with how the team played during the game. There shouldn’t be any booing from the fans except of the other team! This is our team and our house! The Bills corners have shown us they can match up against taller receivers. The Chargers don’t have any elite RBs and that may make them one-dimensional. I think the defense stays stout and gets a few turn overs. The Bills are going to make a statement with this game and beat the Chargers 27 to 17. The Bills have had some luck the last two weeks with injuries to key players on the other team. IN Chicago it was Marshall and Jeffrey (Jeffrey was killing them early on). Against the Dolphins it was Moreno and Miller. This week seems no different with Mathews out for the Chargers.

Well there you have it folks! Comment? Questions? Concerns? As always leave us a comment here or follow on twitter @jasonsins and @wgoinbuffalo. There’s definitely no place I’d rather be than right here right now!

By: Jason Sinsabaugh


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